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So, confession time.  My friend recently shared with me an email from her ex-boyfriend, in which he simultaneously tries to get her back and asks her several times if he is coming across as insane… Really, I can’t make this stuff up.

First of all, if you are a man with an ex-girlfriend and you find yourself compiling an email to her with the usage of the word ‘insane,’ please do not select the Send button.  Secondly, I kind of feel like him right now.

What??!! <– you, the reader.

Bear with me.  I’m not asking you if I’m insane.  I’m just associating myself with the feeling.  *Totes* different.  Right?!!  Anyways, the reason that I am feeling this way oddly has to do with Pinterest.  A number of months ago, after I wrote this post, my mom texted me and asked “Do you seriously limit each of your Pinterest boards to only 100 pins you little weirdo?!,” but in slightly nicer language, of course.

And, the answer is: Yes, I do!   It is no secret that I absolutely adore Pinterest.  I could spend hours upon hours on the site, and never get bored.  But, there is one little aspect that drives me a little nuts-o’s.  And, that is when people post thousands of pins to one board.  I find it really frustrating to scroll through pages of images (pausing for the browser to refresh) to find one little, mildly associated picture/article/fun fact that I might want to pin.

So, this is why I have no friends and am absolutely insane per my reference above meticulously create pinterest boards associated with specific topics, and analyze where each of my pins should go.  Yes, I really do this and I am totally weird, but I also find the end product quite fascinating.  My boards are quirky in the way that they can be really specific and absolute direct contrasts to each other.  Want to see?

Ps. Am I insane – or do I make, at least, a little bit of sense?  How do you organize your Pinterest boards? 


From the clothing board Winter Wonderland

From the board Weird Facts


From the board eCards


From the domestic travels board, Take me There

From the board, International Ventures

From the quotes board, Heartbreak


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A Night at the Slovenian Embassy!

Y’all.  Amid my craziness, I totally forgot to tell you about my journey to the Slovenian embassy about a month ago.  One of the coolest things about living in, near, within a 50-mile radius of D.C. is the plethora of opportunities, at hand.  Want to visit the monuments on any given day?  Done.  Want to spend the night at an embassy?  Coming up.  Want to meet and be kissed by the Prime Minister of Ireland?  Roger that.  Seriously, it happened to a friend, recently.

So, when the opportunity arose to visit the Slovenian embassy (I’m a quarter Yugoslavian/Slovenian y’all), I jumped on the chance!  As expected, I had no idea what was going to happen once we arrived at the door.  So, in case you’re thinking about crossing the United States borders for the evening, here’s a sneak peek into a night at a foreign embassy…

The night started with a little happy hour while they were getting things ready for us.  I believe the beer was actually from Bulgaria, but the wine was Slovenian!

The main event of the evening started with a little speech from the Slovenian ambassador followed by a short video of the country.  This was cool for me since I don’t come across too many pictures or videos of Slovenia.  It’s such a beautiful country, and I think, if I ever make it there some day, this will definitely be one of my destinations.  I mean… right?!!! The video was followed by a little concert by a Slovenian opera singer.  For future reference, I think this part of the event varies depending on which embassy and/or which organization is hosting, so expect it to change depending on the country!

Finally, we embarked on my favorite part of the evening.  FOOD!  And, there was lots of it.  I honestly couldn’t tell you the names of all these dishes, but it centered around my favorite type of cuisine: comfort food.  Seriously, I think I’m destined to live in this country.  Additionally, we tried something I was quite familiar with: potica!  That’s pronounced POH-TEET-ZAH.  It’s this bread (dessert?) that my great-grandmother used to make for us by scratch – over the course of two days, by the way.  We were some lucky great-grandchildren.


And, of course, it never hurts to have a great date. ;)


Ps. Did you know that Slovenia actually, really, kinda won the 2014 Olympics?

Pps. Are you joining us in the Book Challenge?  The reading/chapter guide went out to email participants a few days ago – but it’s never too late to join in!  Sign up here!

*Have you been to an event like this before?? Tell me, tell me!

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