When I was growing up, my grandmother retired from her position as an English teacher and became a writer.  She loved books and writing, and was always interested in others’ writing styles.  Given some of her genes, I am very similar.  I always have my nose in a book and I’ve always known that I have a passion for writing and continuously crafting my words.

When I was in college, my grandmother entered a nursing home.  When I would visit her, she would always ask to see a sample of my writing.  “Next time Mommom,” I would say, “next time.”  I never did.


Around the same time, I started one of my first College Writing courses.  One of the very first weeks, my professor projected my anonymous essay, in front of the class, as one of the ‘exemplary examples’.  My heart fluttered with joy as I saw my words on the screen.  Beat that kids.

Further into the semester, I skipped my second paper up to my professor’s desk on its due date, only to receive unsatisfactory feedback a few days later.  “Your sentences run on; the topic wasn’t fully unraveled; you cut the thesis too short.”  “Oh,” I remember thinking, “maybe I’m not as good at this whole writing thing as I originally thought.”

After my grandmother passed away and I moved from one side of campus to another that summer, I was unpacking my things and my grandmother’s business card fell out.  ANGELL PUBLICATIONS.  Really, Mommom, is that what you named it? I didn’t remember that…

…These memories have been stuck in my head for the past six years now.  But, here I am, finally ‘picking up the pen’ and posting my words out onto the whole-wide-internet for everyone to see.  No, they haven’t been reviewed by my grandmother. Yes, my sentences might run-on, my grammar isn’t perfect and I might not fully unravel the tale.  But, the words are here.

Can you see them from up there, Mommom? Did you always have this faith? Because I think that a little piece of my heart is doing this for you…

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