Fake It til’ You Make It











For the past 12 days, I’ve been talking a lot about strength.  And, I think that it’s time to address one of the most critical characteristics of a person of strength. Which is the ability to…

Fake it til’ you make it

Or, more elegantly put….

Believe that you have it and you have it

Success may seem too high.  Life’s challenges may appear too difficult.  The desire to just be strong may be too tempting.  But, to change, remember that it only takes one step.  Climbers climb hills before mountains, Rome wasn’t built in a day and eh… NSYNC didn’t turn into Justin Timberlake (The One, The Only) overnight.

Take the first step.  Keep following your heart.  And, rejoice in those accomplishments.  Your initial defeats of tiny obstacles in your life may not be your mountain or the most that you can accomplish in your career, but who is any the wiser?  Wasn’t NSYNC the best thing to happen to pop radio until Justin Timberlake’s solo CD came out??!

Celebrate your milestones even if you feel like you’re just ‘faking it.’  Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.  And, the rest… the whole ‘making it’ part… will just come.

*For the month of October, I’m participating in a 31 Days series with eight other bloggers and numerous other writers.  I will be writing about 31 Days of Strength — the strength that comes from a variety of different sources including our heart, soul, mind, the words that we speak, the control over our thoughts & actions and the gifts that we provide to others. To see the entire series, please view my 31 Days page.

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