Strength to Believe in Something Deeper

This morning, I competed in a ridiculous 10-mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces.  And, although, the course was both physically and mentally challenging, my fellow competitors and I also witnessed a different type of strength today.

Before taking off on our ten-mile trek up and down black-diamond ski hills, our MC directed us through a series of introductions and reviews on the rules of the course.  As part of the preparations, as with most sports in America, we were asked to pledge our allegiance.  As the DJ tried to cut the music over to the Star Spangled Banner, he was having some technical difficulties and couldn’t get the song to start.  So, the MC asked us to sing it.

Lo and behold, 600 individuals, decked out in insane athletic gear, started singing the national anthem from heart.  And as our voices started carrying, a light wind picked up which lifted the flag into the air and it started waving with such force and energy that it was impossible to ignore that something special was occurring.  It was one of those magical moments when you felt that all these things were adding up to something.  There was a meaning to it all.  Perhaps for you to witness something deeper, something bigger than who you are and what you are doing at that moment.

As we sang the words, the home of the free, the land of the brave, I started thinking ‘what do I want to take away from this moment?’  What is this higher power, this deeper meaning trying to convey to me?  That this land of the free is a gift?  That people give up their lives every day for us to live ours?

Sometimes things happen in life to remind us how seemingly small we are.  The world spins madly on, so they say.  What are you taking away from it?

Note:  The Tough Mudder course donated a majority of proceeds to the Wounded Warrior project.  A great charity that I encourage you to check out!

*For the month of October, I’m participating in a 31 Days series with eight other bloggers and numerous other writers.  I will be writing about 31 Days of Strength — the strength that comes from a variety of different sources including our heart, soul, mind, the words that we speak, the control over our thoughts & actions and the gifts that we provide to others. To see the entire series, please view my 31 Days page.

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