The Strength to Find the Right Balance

Eh – I’d have to admit it.. signing up for this 31 Days thing was a challenge for me. I could probably come up with a million excuses for why some of these posts are delayed, but, in reality, I just got a little caught up in living my life and exhaustion took over from there.

Upon reflection, however, I truly find that these little hiccups are really just reminders to myself that I need to maintain the right balance in my life.  It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of things, sign yourself away to every new adventure or awesome, crazy thing or the latest fad that pops up.  Dance classes, yes.  Crazy mud challenges, yes. Overtime at work, charity events, another workout, another dinner with friends, another meeting ran too late.  It happens.

The point is that maybe I got a little over my head with this whole writing passion… and maybe I’m a few days late with completing my 31 Days.. but, you don’t mind, right?  You’ll support me in finding my own balance?  Maybe a little piece of you has been there before too?

OK, cool.  So, here’s a little quote to help you on your journey and remind you of the source of true happiness.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
Thomas Merton

Also, I threw some pics in of my recent travels and life adventures.. those are always fun.  And, before you go, how are you finding balance in your life?  Has there been any sources of ‘going overboard’?

no, this isn’t christmas last year.. it was this past weekend

i’m still not sure how i got up there

halloween workout!

my closet that i had to tear apart tonight instead of doing things i wanted to do.. i swear… these don’t count as excuses ;)

We’ll be continuing our talks on strength until I finish up the 31 Days.  Thanks for hanging in there folks!

*For the month of October, I’m participating in a 31 Days series with eight other bloggers and numerous other writers.  I will be writing about 31 Days of Strength — the strength that comes from a variety of different sources including our heart, soul, mind, the words that we speak, the control over our thoughts & actions and the gifts that we provide to others. To see the entire series, please view my 31 Days page.

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