What Women Want

When I was young, I, like most children, decided that I wanted to collect things.  The only problem was that I wasn’t really sure what to collect.  So, one Christmas, my parents (or Santa Claus?) got me a beautiful, gold-based, ballerina snow globe and my collection was born.  I would spend hours in my room just twisting the knob that played classical music and caused the ballerina to spin around in her perfect pirouette stance.  Over the years, to add to my collection, I received many more globes as gifts, which each contained their own magical little worlds.  Winter Wonderland.  2000 New Years’ Eve ball in New York City.  Disney characters’ fantasy lands.

15 years later…

Throughout my relationships with men, I have always been a giver.  I have such a big heart and I have always been comfortable with my life and my successes that giving came easily to me.  My partner’s dreams were not just his, but also became mine.  School. Career. Friendships. Possessions.  Goals.

As I look back on my past, I try to understand what I could have possibly been missing.  Was it chemistry, balance, independence, different interests, finances, life deterrents?  Although I think that some of these factors came into play at different points in my relationships, I’ve started to think about something much deeper.  Are these really the criteria that women look for in a man?  Is it money, friendship, the ability to shower us with gifts?  What do women really want?

And that’s when it hit me… what we want is…  to just be ourselves.   To have a man help provide the stability, safety and emotional security that allows us to twirl around in our own little worlds.  Just like the appeal of snow globes, we want a man to help provide the foundation for us to spin around life exuding the happiness, loving nature, joy and beauty that exists in all women.  For him to understand that sometimes the music stops for a little bit, for us to re-group and recharge, and that sometimes we need him to help give us that spark to start twirling again…

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