No Defense

I’m a big Harry Potter (books and movies) and Twilight (books, not necessarily the movies) fan so it was only natural for my interest to be piqued when the Hunger Games trilogy started getting popular.

I’m about 30 pages into the book, but there was already a passage that struck me.  The main character, who is a member of the lower class and struggling to find enough food to feed her family, remembers a one-time encounter with a woman of the upper class.

The woman found the main character searching for crumbs in the woman’s garbage can.  After noticing this, she screamed at the young girl and yelled obscene and demeaning comments about the lesser class.

The young girl, obviously hurt by the comments, stated in the narrative, “The words were ugly and I had no defense.”  And this is what got me thinking… the concept of  no defense.

How many times in our lives have we been faced with a similar dilemma?  A lack of defense.

How many times have we wanted to fight back with cruel, harsh words or maybe even with our fists or an ugly retaliation in another way.  But we didn’t.  Or maybe one time… we did.

This passage is a representation of a crossroads in our life… the ability to choose between being comfortable with a lack of defense or continuing to add to negativity, prejudice and evil.  So, let me suggest something.  The next time you are faced with this situation, back down, take the high road, and think about the right response that adds to your legacy.  Is it a short, snap, harsh response to someone or something that is taking an attack on you?  Or, is it learning how to face challenges with grace, humility and love for yourself… knowing that one day you may be able to embrace this world with no defense at all.

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