I’ve been spending the past week searching for inspiration.  Something about the end of the year does that to me.  Things will be a little quiet over here while I ponder 2011 and think about new beginnings, refinement and evolution.  How do I want 2012 to work in my favor?

And then I’ll be back soon with answers. :)

In the meantime… what are your favorite New Years’ quotes?


What is it about Christmas time each year that forces moves us to reflect upon changes in our life?


My family members are currently undergoing a 15-hour drive in a U-Haul truck with the couch, dinette table and photo albums that used to grace the house that my grandparents built from scratch nearly 15 years ago.  My grandparents, themselves, are moving what little items they decided to take into a condominium in the heart of Indiana – a place that they once decided to move away from for a warmer climate and “lack of grass” as my grandmother likes to say.

The Florida chapter has ended.

On January 3rd, 2010, I embarked on a new adventure.  I quit traveling across the country full time and settled into the Washington D.C. area with a new job and a new life to build.  Throughout the months, old friends exited my life and new ones entered.  Ones who I thought were just “helping me out” became friends for potentially a lifetime.  A gym that I joined to get in better shape became a community that is allowing me to thrive and grow.

The Discovery chapter has ended.

As my grandparents settle into their new place, I can only imagine what thoughts and emotions they are going through.  When not so long ago my grandfather was playing 9-holes of golf each week, he and my grandmother are now staying in close, tending to their health and spending time with loved ones who are in better proximity to them.  I am sure that this is a scary chapter for them to begin, but I am hoping that this move will bring new adventures and excitement to their lives as my family will now have better access to spending time with them beyond the typical holiday events.  At this point in their lives, possibilities exist but they are limited.

The Close Proximity chapter has begun.

As I look ahead to my immediate future (as I often do at this time of year), I am excited about the possibilities and my interest in evolving the story that I have started to write here.  This past year, I have embarked on several new activities and I am looking forward to refining which ones will have the most impact on who I want to be.  As rent prices are soaring and the thought of adopting a dog is strengthening, I am looking into new living quarters and potentially becoming a first-time home buyer.  At this chapter in my life, the possibilities are endless.

The Evolution chapter has begun.


The truth is that we don’t know what the future holds, but we must keep moving forward no matter what chapter is beginning or ending in our lives.  Each one is different for each person and each contain their own emotions, morals and lessons.   Take some time to realize which chapter you are on.

*As the most critical time of reflection is upon us, what chapters in your life are ending or beginning?