Peace and War

I have a confession to make.

I’m a little bit, overly concerned with creating peace in my world.

And, by world, I mean my immediate surroundings in life not necessarily THE WORLD in general.  (I like to remember that without war, the United States wouldn’t exist and that sometimes conflict is necessary to protect and respect ourselves.)

You see, what I mean by creating peace is that I want it to emanate out of my entire being.  When clutter, chaos and greed come too close, I focus on projecting outwards a halo of love, beauty and serenity.  To embrace what it feels like to be calm, still among the utter rush of life.

There is only one problem.

With an overt concern for peace sometimes comes sacrifices that don’t always leave me proud.   A lack of boundaries being one.   A loss of self respect being another.

Because when you believe that there is only good in the world, sometimes you let down a few too many fences, a few too many guards that should NEVER BE PUT DOWN.  That should constantly be protecting you.  When you let down your most critical defenses, you start giving up some of the life, liberties and pursuits of happiness that you so desperately need.

So, how do you find the equilibrium of peace and war?  How do you know when to let things go or when to fight for what you think is right?  How do you live within your microscopic world of peace while defending within the macroscopic landscape of people who want to tear you down?

Set up your boundaries and do not let them down.  Realize that the world is not always full of good people, but you can make the decision to only allow good people in YOUR WORLD.  By doing so, you can create the halo of peace that we all desire.  It is by understanding our boundaries first that we comprehend how far the serenity bubble can extend.

After all… all is fair in love and war, right?

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