For When the World Gets Too Heavy

First of all, I owe you an apology!  I’ve been skiing for the past week and the blog got neglected.

I didn’t intend to leave you in the dark.  I wanted to send a quick note to tell you about the rad slopes, but my laptop died on day 2 of the trip, and it’s a little hard to word-press from an iPhone.

The days on the slopes were awesome.  I skied on some of the largest areas of powder in the continent of North America.  I stayed up wayyy past my bedtime with newly found friends and a newly found lightness, humor, and happiness.

Upon my return to my desk this morning, the world started to feel a little heavy.  Reports due, emails to read and send, answers to give and questions to ponder.  I wanted to escape back to the light snow, the simple fire and the world at ease.

Because, naturally, when the world gets heavy, we want to make it lighter.  Lift the weight off our shoulders and find a new-found freedom.  So, I searched and I found some things that I’m now sharing with you… Here’s to being light!  :)

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