30 Days of Funny

As I mentioned before, I “met” Shannon through the blog world a couple of weeks ago when she linked up to my 31 Days posts.  She, subsequently, was inspired to start her own 30 Days challenge, which starts today!  So when I heard of her challenge, I was excited and also grateful for the opportunity.

This is because I had been reading back through some of my writing lately.  Yes, us “writers” actually do that.  I see all of those missing commas, misspelled words and grammatically incorrect sentences the same as you do… just a little later, I guess. ;)  Anyways, as I was saying, I was reading back through my writing and I noticed that something was… missing.  I know.. how would you know?  You totally wouldn’t because you don’t know me… well some of you do and you guys are awesome.. but still.

The Caitlin that I know is all of the things that you would find in this blog… happy, motivational, inspiring, loving, creative-ish… but she’s also funny.  Like not in the way that you would actually pay money to hear her tell jokes.  Oh my god, no.  But, in the whatdidshejustsay?, ridiculous, rap listening, country song singing, quirky, weird, outlandish funny that I think doesn’t always come across on this little site.

Sometimes, I read back through posts and I catch a line and think oh.my.gosh there she is… a little bit of Caitlin’s real voice coming through and so, I realized, that maybe a part of this whole starting a blog to inspire myself and also inspire others is to put myself out there a bit.  And do weird things.  And talk in third person.  And sometimes mix things up.  Because even though this is a blog about love, happiness, acceptance and making the right decisions.  This is also one about finding myself and encouraging you to find and develop you.  Which, everyone knows, includes a lot of trials and errors and awkward situations.  Because I do have those.. a lot.  Hot mess over here.

I realize that I’m rambling at this point so… the point is (duh, duh, duh!)… for the next 30 days we’re going to be talking about FUNNY.  A bunch of silly stories, jokes, quotes, weird sayings, and awkwardness.  The whole kitchen sink.  Which is why this isn’t called 30 Days of Humor… because that would be the grammatically correct way, right??!!

So, if you were checking your email or hopped on here today expecting to get some inspiration, motivation or posts with some hearty subject matter, please check the archives… cause we’re going on a little journey for the next 30 days… to FUNNYTOWN.

I look forward to having you join me on the ride. :)

*This piece is part of a series of 30 Days of Funny posts inspired by Shannon of Eat, Pray, Love.. Live!  For a complete listing of every post in the series, please click here.  To have the posts delivered to your email inbox on a daily basis, please enter your email address in the subscribe box on the left side of the home page.  Thanks for reading :)

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Funny

  1. This is super exciting! I am totally with you on using your blog to inspire others and to have others reflect on their own lives. I try to that every now and then without seeming too serious. I can’t wait to share in your funnies the next 30 days!

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