When I was thinking about what, perhaps, makes this writing style different than my typical repertoire, I realized that it’s mainly conversational vs. narrative.  Which caused me to further realize/remember that, oh shiii, I say a lot of weird things in person.  My language is certainly not as “polished” as it tends to be on this site.

So, I decided that it would only be only right for me to give you a little cheat sheet.  A “Caitlin dictionary” per se.  A lot of these idioms, words and phrases are super silly, I know, but they keep my world going around.  :)  Enjoy!

  • Boom… roasted! – Have you ever seen the Comedy Central ‘Roasts’ show?  At the end of each celebrity’s roasts, their friends’ favorite tag line to use is “Boom!.. Roasted”  as in BOOM – I have given my final point on the subject matter.  So, of course, it was only natural for me to start incorporating this into my everyday language!!  Example: [to a Steelers fan] “Remember when the Browns beat the Steelers in 2009 ??!! Boom.. Roasted!!”
  • Fudge / Fudgesicles – As a replacement to the swear word.  Example: “My car just got towed.  Fudge!!!”
  • Get it girllll – A form of encouragement.  Example: [crossfit friend] “Should I add five pounds to this bar?” [me] “Get it girllll”
  • Hey boy Hey – Pick up line.  Usually used as an introduction.  I’ve heard that 60% of the time, it works every time.  Good to know.  Example: [approach boy across the room] “Hey boy Hey”
  • Meh – A form of so-so.  Example: [friend] “Did you like that entree?” [me] “Meh”
  • Meow / Rawr – A form of exclamation used when a statement could be interpreted multiple ways.  Look at someone, scrunch up face, make a claw with your hand and say “Rawrrr”
  • Party foul – Usually used at an actual party, I say it around family members and at work.  Example: [sister spills water on dining room table] … “Party foul.”
  • Peace out homeslice – My brother and I use this as a form of goodbye.  Make peace sign with index and middle finger, punch chest twice and say “Peace out homeslice.”  I know… I never talk about him.. my brother actually exists.. more stories about him later!!
  • Shiii – Used as a replacement to the swear word.  Example: “There is a bunch of dog shiii on the sidewalk.”
  • Shut the front door – As a replacement to the statement “Shut the fuuuu up.”  Normally used when surprised about something.  Example: [stranger] “Did you hear that Whitney Houston died?” [me] “Shut the front door!”
  • Tap it with the left – A form of encouragement.  I am left handed so all things are better that way.  When encouraging someone to do something, I will often say “tap it with the left.”  Example: [crossfit friend] “Should I add TEN pounds to this bar?”  [me] “Yes… go tap it with the left!”
  • Woop! – Often used as a form of exclamation.  Example:  “I just got a promotion.  Woop!!”
  • Yayo – The direct translation “on the streets” is cocaine.  I use it as a form of Yay!  Example: [friend] “Did you see the game last night?” [me] “Yayo!”

NOTE: I am also constantly quoting rap lyrics.  It’s just my thing.  I’ll hear a word that reminds me of a song and it just kind of spills out.  Like, for one, this post reminds me of the Drake lyric… “I’ll teach you how to speak my language… Rosetta Stone.”

See what I just did there?  Boom.. Roasted!

*This piece is part of a series of 30 Days of Funny posts inspired by Shannon of Eat, Pray, Love.. Live!  For a complete listing of every post in the series, please clickhere.  To have the posts delivered to your email inbox on a daily basis, please enter your email address in the subscribe box on the left side of the home page.  Thanks for reading!

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