Ode to Megan

Ghiradelli Intensely Dark chocolate bars were on sale at CVS tonight so I caved.  I’m now sitting next to five Ghiradelli Intensely Dark chocolate bar wrappers…  Please note that this number gradually increased as I sat here typing this post.  I guess chocolate is good for writer’s block ?!

Anyways, that is neither here nor there because HERE we are going to be talking about my cousin, Megan.   You remember her?  She guest posted on this little blog a couple of days ago.

It’s hard to describe Megan.  She’s a collaboration of every burst of energy that I wish I had.  Like, seriously.  You know those nights when you can barely get past eating a meal, rinsing your dish and snow-angeling it onto your couch?  That doesn’t happen to Megan.  Or, if it does, she hides it well.  Because that girl has energy 24-7-365.  Like butt-kicking, slap-your-knee-laughing, I’m going to do weird artsy crafty things cause I can kinda energy.

Additionally, one of the best things about Megan is that she is so in-tune with what is going on in people’s lives outside of her own.  If you’re upset?  She will dry your tears.  If you’re stressed?  She will send you ridiculous cat videos to help ease your mind.  If you’re scared?  She will hold your hand.  If you’re bored?  She will dance around like a crazy person reciting comedy skits and pretending like she’s trying to break out of a mental asylum.  NO JOKE.

Case in point: when my family was attempting to memorize 900+ people’s names last weekend, she was sending us pictures of this:

yes, this is a lemon slice on her dog’s water bowl… LOL

Megan brings so much humor and happiness to my life.  Beyond that, she also has a huge heart and takes so much joy in helping people.  I wanted to write a post about Megan tonight just because I could.  She’s that RAD.  And, now, it’s your turn to share with us…

*Who brings humor and happiness to your life?

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