The Theory of Being Yourself

The other day, my coworker was making this graphic for a report that we were completing at work and he kept on asking me what I thought of it.  Now, don’t get my wrong… my coworker is a great guy, but he has this tendency to be overly concerned about what other people think of what he says or does.  Which drives me crazy.

After about the fifth time of asking me what I though of the font size or the style of the diagram, he then asked “What if people don’t think that it’s correct?”  To which, I lashed out “They can’t think that it is incorrect if the diagram is a theory (which it is)!  As long as you can prove the theory with facts, there is nothing to argue!”

He laughed at my quick response, but I think that he fundamentally agreed with my point.  The best thing about a theory is that you can make it up.

— Insert awkward segue to my sister —

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time then you have probably heard of my sister.  She’s amazing and unique and just graduated from high school, about to embark on her journey to higher education.

My sister sent me these pictures the other day because she had some time on her hands and was having some fun.  The first one is a collage of her, my brother and I all donned in our high school graduation gear.

The second is a collage of my friend and I and my sister’s friend and herself again on our separate graduation days.  We all look eerily similar.

Now, when my sister sent me these pics through text message, I kind of brushed them off.   I focused more on the fact that I looked fat and the pictures were blurry because o.m.g. did cameras suck that bad in 2004?

What I didn’t realize is that this is what my sister loves to do.  This “memory making” is what helps my sister come alive.  She’s living the theory of her life and making it up as she goes.

Which reminded me of all the things that I love to do that create my theory.  Like making a face that looks like stitch.

And… designing my condo.

Ten To-Dos in June

This week, at MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop, one of the prompts was Ten To-Dos in June inspired by Denise.  For more stories, visit MamaKat!

Two things:  1.  I’ve seen more shirtless men this week than the entire 6 months prior to today.  2.  I’ve started sweating at crossfit before the WARM UP even begins.  These are my two signs that June has begun.  Which gives me the next 30 24 days to get the following done!

1. Enjoy a cookout in the sun – Nothing screams summer to me more than smelling burning charcoal and some steaks on the grill.  Yum.  I just salivated in my desk chair.

2. Attend a country music concert – I buy the country megaticket every year, which gives me the privilege of attending six country music acts throughout the summer.  Who doesn’t love tailgating in a field, with the sun beating down on them, while listening to music with lyrics about life, love and happiness?!!

3. Drive to the countryside – One of my favorite things about living in Virginia (on the outskirts of D.C.) is that the countryside is just a quick 45 minute trip away.  And the trip, when not muddled by heavy traffic, is quite beautiful.  Little did I know that Virginia has wineries… and they’re gorgeous!

4. Laugh – This is one of my favorite things to do.  Ever.  All day. Every day.  A quick giggle fit makes every month instantly better.

5. Be grateful – I work on being grateful all the time.  I’m not always good at it, but still, the thought is there.  And, I’ve learned something.  Things always get done faster when they are put on a list.  True story.  I love to cross things off… so ‘grateful’ better watch out… cause I’m already off chasing it.

6. Stop saying “i’m sorry” – I’ve probably written this resolution down a million times.  That was a lie.  But it’s sorta true.  I have a problem, people.  When I’m nervous, tired, disorganized, confused… I use my go-to line, “I’m sorry.”  And it’s so annoying.  I know that it is.  And I want to stop, but I can’t stop.  I guess that is what the month of June is now for.

7. Buy a plant – Did I tell you that I moved into my condo??!  Oh, I think that I did.. and I promised pictures.  Those are still coming.  In the meantime, here is one peek at my bookcase.

I know… exciting, huh?  But, I needed to show you something.  Do you see the top of  it where I have the wire rack thing and it contains a random large, oval candle in the middle and a jar of pinecones that smell like cinnamon on the right (random, I know) and then that thing on the left.  “That-thing-that-no-one-can-see,” Caitlin?    Yep, that one.  Good job.  That’s where a plant goes!! I need to buy one and place it in there.  Exciting.  I just gave you this paragraph long explanation to say that.

8. Comfortably snatch 80# – I can’t really even comfortably snatch 75# so this is a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal).  I hope that people still say this.  I also hope that I don’t bust my shoulder up in the process.

9. Finish Mockingjay – I have this other problem.  I think that I’ve mentioned it before.  I have to finish a book once I start it.  The big problem with this right now is that I may be one of the two women out there who does not enjoy the Hunger Games series.  I liked book one!  I thought that book two was OK.  But, book three, oh three, is dragging…  I think that Katniss complains too much.  She does.  I would just prefer to have some B.A. chick that doesn’t care about whether she’s in love with Gale or Peeta at this exact moment.  That is all.  Except, I have to finish it.

10. Beat someone in putt putt.  I’ve been challenged.  And, I tend to like to win challenges.  So, I need to do that.

*What’s on your to-do list for June??!