Day 16: Why I Blog

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The smell was atrocious.  Decomposition was evident.  “How long had it been in there?” He wondered.  As blood rushed through every vein, he glanced back at the house.  His breath formed in circles near his face; the cold of middle-January attacking his fingertips.  He saw her near the windowpane; certainly she hadn’t seen him looking hesitantly back towards the house, had she?  He hoped not.  He said a prayer that this little ‘exercise’ would go quick.  As he grabbed the handle of the garbage can, he started towards the end of the driveway; just another garbage day in the suburbs.


He once said that he could never date an artistic person; it just wouldn’t work out.  “But, I mean, you write…” he hesitated.  I had to laugh.  I don’t consider myself creative.  Isn’t creativity for the artists, the painters, the makers-out-of-anything?  Certainly being able to put some words together on a piece of paper doesn’t make me a creator.

sydney opera house

When I initially started blogging, I didn’t know what to expect.  There was a yearning within me to put some words down on paper and I guess post them out for the entire internet to see.  It was an odd concept, but thrilling nonetheless.  Even stranger, I never kept a personal journal before.  What was the point if no one could read it.  “Why write if the words remain ‘invisible’?” I always thought.

As I started writing more and more, I noticed that the letters, words, tone, and themes took on a life of their own.  I could write an interesting story out of anything: no plumbing incident, relationship faux-pas or garbage can (see above) would be left un-turned.  And, as I started reading my stories more and more, I noticed that, with words, a completely normal situation can turn into a dramatic, heartwarming, inspiring tale.  What can we learn when the sink overflows, when the perfect outfit is hard to come by, when he asks you on the first date?

Maybe I should keep these tales to myself; I’m not always sure what value they bring other people.  But, my grandmother always pleaded for us to share the stories.  So, if the way I twist my words has an impact or inspires you to do something (whatever it is) then I’ve already succeeded in the blogging world.

Maybe that makes me creative, after all.

*For the month of October and November, I’m participating in a 31 Days series with numerous other writers.  To read my entire series, please view this page.

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