What 8 Women Taught Me

If you didn’t see my million exclamation points in last Friday’s post, I will now inform you that I met 8 other female bloggers IN REAL LIFE this past weekend at a P.F. Chang’s in the middle of nowhere.

I’m just kidding… we were in Woodbridge, VA (basically middle of nowhere) ;) Joking, joking…

And even though he-who-will-not-be-named was “terrified” that I might get mugged and insisted on alerting him when I arrived, I made it quite safe and sound to the place and back and had THE BEST TIME MEETING THESE WOMEN.

Because my blog is Crossroads of the Heart, not Foot, and I’m sentimental in nearly everything I write, I would like to share with you what these women taught me.. even in the short bit of time that I’ve known them.

  • Melanie (artist, photographer and graphic designer sent from the heavens) reminded me that even if you’re having a hair day-crisis and your shoes look off (according to your husband of course), ladies on instagram will still love you.
  • Krystle (who I probably talked to the most) gave me courage that you can find and marry the love of your life and raise three children.  It’s possible ladies!  And, she looked hot-dang-good in her pre-pregnancy jeans.. I don’t care if there was a couple month(s) delay in putting them on.
  • Sarah (fashionably delayed – because one who is fashionable is never late – mama) shared the most heart-warming tale of her family and birth (even though I cringed a few times because I’m horribly squeamish) of her daughter.  I really hope that she shares her story with all of you.  Courage, mama!
  • Erica (driver of the year award!) reminded me that even if there are some hiccups in your blogging career, you can be successful through dedication and willpower.  She blogged that night and during the superbowl!  You go girl! Oh, and how do you get red wine out of carpet, again? haha ;)
  • April (was nervous to show up but rocked the table) informed me that the most important thing about food-blogging are the pictures.  (Thank god I don’t talk about food because we all know my photography skills suck).  Also, it’s important for significant others to read your blog (yes ma’am)! Read up, men.
  • Lindsay (lady in pink) had the most adorable southern accent and told stories of her husband, dog and pregnancy so flawlessly I feel like I live with her.  You can just tell she has the most amazing marriage and family life. xoxo
  • Abbey (I sat the furthest away from her, boo), as the youngest of the group, was so cute with her nose ring, glasses and scarf.  Adorable.  There was one point where she said “I’m in a good place right now” and my heart just melted with respect for her as a woman and blogger.  Keep going, girl.
  • Mia (saved this awesome chick for last) helped organize this whole dang thing!  Her blog has the word chaos in it, but this woman is so laid-back and lovely.  She has the kindest heart and it was so heartwarming of her to get us all together.  I know I haven’t responded to your email yet (ugh, I suck), but I am SO IN for another meet-up in August.  xoxo



back left to right ~ Krystle, April, Erica, Lindsay, Mia and Abbey
front left to right ~ Sarah, Melanie and Me!
*What have women in your life taught you?

16 thoughts on “What 8 Women Taught Me

  1. You are so sweet yourself! You moved to a city you were only kind of familiar with and made it your own! You are awesome (and live so close we need to hang more often!)

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