“When I was 19…”

My sister turned 19 last Friday.  I always felt that was a weird age.  Stuck in the limbo of 18′s “I’m an adult!!” and 21′s “Oh wait, now I’m actually an adult?!”  It’s kind of like the twilight zone.

The birthday struck up a conversation between me and the main squeeze about what we would do over again at the age of 19.  Knowing what we know now, what advice would we need back then?


So, I did what any heart-on-her-sleeve blogger would do and I reached out to a ton of people to get their advice and then compiled it here.  Duh.  I struggled a bit with how to organize everything so it is split into categories.  Some people may repeat depending on the advice they gave ;)

I love looking at lists like these and this post has to be one of my favorites to date!

Life (In General)

  • One of the biggest things I think I wish I focused on more was to just be 19. Don’t try to grow up too quickly. I was always itching to live the full-time job/life and now I wish I took a step back and didn’t worry about that as much. Sit back, don’t stress-you don’t need the answer to everything right now. ~April @ Ape’s Eats
  • Live free – don’t worry about what others think ~Mr. Parke
  • I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and, sometimes, it just takes time to see why. ~My cousin
  • You can listen to everyone else’s input and read all the advice columns and books, but you need to follow your gut.  You know what’s best for you, even if you don’t think you do.  So, follow your gut! ~Erica @ Looking to the Stars
  • When I was 19, I wish people would have told me to enjoy my free time more. I would have slept in more while I had the chance, read more books and enjoyed a feeling of boredom because now boredom is a feeling I rarely have. This is something every 19-year-old should enjoy; freedom and free time. ~Lindsay @ The Pursuit of Pink
  • YOLO & YOLT (lol) ~My aunts!


  • Never pass up an opportunity ~Mother dearest
  • Never never lose sight of your dreams.  Hard work does pay off!  You can get through anything with loving and supportive people in your life. ~My cousin
  • Study hard during the week because it will pay off. Party hard on the weekends because those are the memories you will have when you graduate. No one will remember taking one specific test, so make the most of your time at school. Join clubs, make friends. Also, ask for help; don’t struggle in silence. -Gayle @ A Gayle Force
  • If you have an idea what career path you want to take, I would look into internships (even unpaid!), seek out people in the chosen career path and take them to coffee to ask as many questions as you can. Do what you can to prepare yourself for a future job. It will help give you an idea of what to expect and help you decide if this career path is really one you want to take. ~Lindsay @ The Pursuit of Pink
  • Choose a career that is financially rewarding and work/life balanced, like being a dentist ~Main squeeze (did I mention he has great teeth?!)
  • Enjoy it while you can and keep making sure you pay your bills on time. You’ll thank yourself later. Have fun and good luck! ~Diana (friend from high school!)


  • Take advantage of all opportunities for a new experience especially traveling to new places and eating new foods. ~Kristen @ The Farfalle Collection (also my college friend!)
  • TRAVEL. I really wish I had taken the time to visit some of the places I’d love to go to now, but can’t because of work and kids. Backpack through Europe, take a road trip with my friends across the US, go to Canada, etc. There’s so much world out there to see! :) ~Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos
  • Study abroad. I studied abroad for 2 summers, my biggest regret college wise is not spending a semester abroad. I think I was afraid of losing whoever I was dating. If it was meant to be, it will be.  ~April @ Ape’s Eats


  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. The littlest things can seem like biggest at times, but it’s never worth getting worked up over. Be happy and enjoy life! ~Abbey @ The Makings of  a Mess
  • Always remember to put yourself first. Do what makes you happy not what makes someone else happy. Don’t be afraid to enjoy life. ~Krystle @ Life Revolves Around Them
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. When you look back at yourself in 10 years, everything that was super important to you at 19 won’t seem as big at 29. Enjoy life, laugh, have fun and relish in the fact that true adulthood is still a few years away. ~Lindsay @ The Pursuit of Pink
  • Even though you have a big heart, focus on yourself first instead of always on other people.  It’s important to build the foundation for your core self and then help people later.  Find your passions and make every decision from what is fundamentally important to you instead of what is important “at the time.” ~Me


  • Don’t stop lifting weights (or working out).  It’s harder to pick back up once you stop.  ~Main squeeze
  • Start crossfit now. ~My friend (and fellow crossfitter) Nate!


  • Stay away from 151 ~Partner in Crime, Haley (high school friend!)
  • And 99 Bananas… ~yeah I think I remember that night, Nora! ;) (high school friend!)
  • Shave your head now.  ~Main squeeze… (Ok this is really just relevant to him & anyone else that might be wanting to shave their head?  Did I mention he’s a Michael Symon stud look-alike?!)
  • Save everything you make until you are 39 and then bet it all on the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 Super Bowl and never work again…. Thank you older self ~Pete

Because that’s just funny.



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