Pinterest Party Recap & Some Thank You’s!

Attention Everyone: I hosted a Pinterest Party over the weekend!!!

Ok… What the heck is that?

My friends all brought food items that most of them ;) made from a recipe on Pinterest and I supplied crafty stuff.  Then, we got our craft on and ate some delish food!  It was awesome!



pinterest party teaser!





We made three things:

1. Decorative coozies!  Who wouldn’t want to drink a beverage out of some blinged out holders?

2. Shamrocks!! Don’t these fun shamrocks make you want to celebrate St. Patty’s Day every day in March?!

3. Wooden letters of our first name!  Ok, we didn’t carve the wood, but we did make them girly! :)

And here are some pics of my friends being pretty…









ALSO, I’ve received two gifts from my blogging and IN REAL LIFE friends this past week!


The first is my Cara Box from Gayle @ A Gayle Force.  It was such a cute box!  It contained:


The second is this necklace from Erica @ Looking to the Stars.  It’s from a giveaway on her blog that I won!  Woop!  And thank god it is a bubble necklace because of course I haven’t bought one yet even though it’s one of the main trends of the year.  I’m so not trendy without peeps like her!  Bonus: main squeeze thought it looked “hot.”

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