What’s your self-title?

When I discovered my passion in writing, I couldn’t get enough of it.  This “not enough-ness” led me to dream about many things that surprised and scared the living heck out of me.  Like maybe I want to go to blogging conferences?  Maybe I want to write an ebook?  What if I want to write a real book?

These thoughts always made me pause. Wait.. if I want to follow all those dreams… don’t I actually need to be a Writer first?

I thought about this Writer title for a while.    I thought about taking writing classes, consulting a publicist, discovering how the heck you even write a book proposal.  I thought about the steps I would need to take so someone could call me a word that I desperately wanted to hear.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I already was a writer.  I just wasn’t calling myself one.

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When we discover what pulls on our heart strings, our self-titles appear on their own.  We just need to do the discovering first.  I, for one, now feel a little confined by the Writer title I gave myself on a “business” card nearly a year ago.  Is it really my writing that defines me – or is it the words I use?  Isn’t it really my motivation to encourage others that keeps me up at night and rising early in the morning?

Maybe my self-title isn’t a Writer, but an “Insprirer” instead.

Like when I inspired a bunch of people to tell me their self-titles….

  • “Senator” ~my grandfather (this was his nickname in high school and if I may elaborate, I think it means that my grandfather is always young at heart <3 )
  • “Optimist” ~ my father
  • “Believer” ~ my mother
  • “Summer Lover” ~ my grandmother (who hates the cold!)
  • “Jack of All Trades” ~my cousin who says… “I try my best to do it all — be a good friend, daughter, granddaughter, sister, student.  It makes me crazy trying to balance but I do my best.”
  • “Always the Right Thing” ~ my sister who says… “I want to be someone who always tries to do the right thing.  Even if I don’t always do it, that’s my priority and I’m always trying to.  Whatever that may be.”
  • “Eternal Optimist” ~ my friend Katie who says… “I am no where near being one, but I try to work on that goal every day. Life is always brighter when the tape in your head is constantly playing good thoughts!”
  • “All or Nothing” ~ my hs friend Diana who says…  “I either get 100% involved or I don’t do it at all.”
  • “Day Dreamer”~ my friend Kelly who says.. “my head’s always in the clouds”
  • “Anxious Optimist” ~ Abbey from Makings of a Mess who says  “I tend to worry about anything and everything, yet over the past couple of years have also learned to be more optimistic in life especially when things seem to either be going nowhere or are all over the place! Although I tend to have a lot on my mind about everything that is going on, having a positive attitude has helped me get through a lot of different situations.”
  • “Institutional Know It All” ~ Lindsay from Pursuit of Pink! who says “I have worked at the same place (the Shakespeare Theatre Company) for over 5 years and have seen quite a lot. With so many people in our department coming and going, there aren’t a lot of us who have institutional knowledge. Which is why I call myself the Know It All, because I have been there long enough to know everything that is going on. Plus, I’m the Publicist which means I really do know a lot that is happening before the rest of the staff does.”
  • “Quiet Fighter” ~ Gayle from A Gayle Force who says ” I have no problem sticking up for what I believe in, and I will fight for it. This also goes for relationships. I’m also the quiet type, though, and sometimes I won’t say what I’m truly feeling and instead I fight myself on the inside. [I love this one!]

*What’s yours??

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