10 Things that Make Me Blush

Prompt #2: List of ten things that will make you blush.
The most innocent form

stems from his initial glance

Eyes contacting; forever locking

Lust with the frolicking hint of something more


Perhaps the most piercing

is the one of least resistance

A kind of indifference

from a treasured heart I love


The embarrassing rings me to laughter

A missed step; a joke mistold 

Fleeting out of body visions

of past missed episodes


I redden with the sweaty defeat

of lost dreams

Continuously grasping for higher ground

while sinking six feet underneath


Yet – Grateful life

make me a wife

and happiness my groom!

Twist my lips upwards with joy

for rose glistens my cheeks


Give me wind in my face

Laces tightly bound

The thrill of the run

pounding soft pavement sounds


Light me on fire

with his brush

Catch my breath

within suffocating love


Harbor loud aches for the silent 

Palms ready for coin

Secret stories buried

within worthy souls


Cringe with my shame

Leave me

with only me

the only one to blame


Touch my heart

ask it to open not shut

For millions; any day

but for the closest ones

I close up



^^blushing ;)

*p.s. April is National Poetry Month so this just felt right… ?!

12 thoughts on “10 Things that Make Me Blush

  1. I’m with you on all of these! From something as innocent as a gaze to the shame of deep secrets…you’ll find me blushing through all of it too. I love how you made this into a poem!

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