Signs You are Truly Happy

The other day, as I was cruising around Pinterest, I stumbled upon the following info graphic:



Upon reading the inforgraphic, I was surprised that I related to the ten signs of happiness.  Sometimes, through life’s ups and downs, I question how happy I really am, but it was comforting to re-assure myself, through this poster, that I am on the right track.

Some of the interesting signs I related to include the following:

  • Enough Sleep – I think a small piece of me is a grandma at heart.  We always used to joke with my dad about how 10pm is his witching hour – literally, at 10:01PM, he will be asleep in his chair while we’re watching a TV show.  I am the same way, though!  If I’m at home alone, I will always go lay down in bed around 10!  It’s so silly.  I also thought the bonus fact was interesting… I completely agree that sleep is a bigger factor than money to my happiness.  If I didn’t have to worry about paying those pesky bills, I’d have a lot more time to snooze. Haha. 
  • Self Trust – This is probably the weakest sign for me on this list, but I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few years building self-trust inside of me. I still have some doubtful moments, but I’ve learned how to validate my feelings and believe in myself and my reactions to life.
  • Live in the now – I also try to live in the present moment!  Sometimes this is hard to do with everything going on in life and the world, but I am constantly reminding myself to express gratitude for each current breath and what I’m experiencing.
  • Bounce Back – I actually don’t mind being sad every now and again.  I think that it’s important to go through some down moments in order to better appreciate the good times!
  • Get Unplugged – Yes!  Remember when I went through an entire weekend without social media!  I also rarely take my phone to the dog park or with me on walks around my neighborhood.  I like taking some time to enjoy the weather and sights around me.

I also would add a few things to this list that I think contribute a lot to my happiness:

  • Splurge (a little) on yourself: Whether it’s a gourmet coffee or a pedicure, it helps you to feel special!
  • Engage in selfless acts: As big as volunteering at a food bank or as small as carrying your dog a 1/4 mile when she refuses to run (not like I did that or anything)
  • Be weird every now and again: Do something just for a laugh regardless of if it makes sense or not
  • Show humility: Life would be way too stressful if we felt like we had to be perfect all the time!

I am far from being perfectly happy.  But, I did enjoy reading this list and seeing areas where I can improve and reinforce the things that work.

*What do you think about the infographic?  What would you add to the list?

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