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Hey peeps! If you were coming here expecting to read reflections on BlogHer’13, yank your leash back folks. Owner is way too tired from her “vacation” in Chicago and something called a birthday to write on here. I know, I know… you can’t live with her; you can’t live without her. She’s crazy.

Anyways, I would like to share a little story with y’all:

The other day, when we woke up, owner shouted over to me,

Omg Kina you are the best dog ever. I can’t believe I got so lucky to adopt you. I wish every dog / human / person was like you. I love the way your hair fluffs in the morning”

“It’s my birthday!!! What did you get me?”

This is when I played the doggie deaf game. Oh, you don’t know the doggie deaf game? It’s usually played when some human says Sit! Stay! Come here! Don’t eat that!

You get my drift.

Well, I had to play the doggie deaf game because I was way too busy this past week to get owner a gift for her birthday.



So, yeah, instead of a gift, I wanted to take a moment to sing some birthday tunes to my awesome owner. I totally would have made this into a vlog except shorty doesn’t know how to work a camera or upload it to a blog. Here we go:

“Who let the dogs out??!!”

​​​ Oh wait sorry; that was for someone else.

“Happy birthday to you!!”

​​​Got to keep it original.

“‘Cause girls just wanna have fuunnn!”

​​​Get it girl.

“You are my sunshine; my only sunshine”

​​​You just make me so happy!

“The highway won’t dry your tears. The highway don’t need you here. The highway don’t care if you’re coming home. But I do, I do.”


Happy birthday Caitlin! You feed me and keep me alive. I love you!


Also, BEFORE you leave, owner wanted me to share some updates:

• BlogHer’13 recap will be posted next week!
• There are people in the blogging world writing posts based on a prompt (Share the first time you heard a parent swear) that Caitlin inspired from this post! Go read people’s swearing stories by clicking here:

• Caitlin’s sister (who I love!) and father (who I also LOVE!) started a twitter account to, basically, talk about things that need to be shared. Their most recent tweet was on a controversial article for the FBI. Go follow them at @parallel_parked


*Shake your tail… feather!*

9 thoughts on “Ramblings from Kina

  1. Caitlin,
    I was so happy to sit by you (random luck!) at BlogHer. I am in awe of your courage and determination, braving that thing by yourself. I also feel like a tool because you’ve obviously (looking to my right) been blogging for a while and I thought you were a newbie. Blame it on your lovely, young face. Or not. Blame me, for being an asshole.

    Anyways…forgive me?

    You have faith, and heart, and beauty, and BALLS, girl.

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