Why You Need to Go Out for Ice Cream this Weekend

Y’all – I’m popping over here quickly to ask a humble request.

Can you go get ice cream this weekend?

A fellow blogger lost her mother this week.  My good blogging buddy (and a woman I met in real life at BlogHer) is helping to honor Alexandra’s mother by encouraging others to splurge on a popular guilty pleasure.

From Dana’s post,

“Alexandra’s mother loved nothing more than going out for ice cream, and Alexandra loved nothing more than taking her. I know she’d give a million dollars to be able to do it just one more time, but sometimes life doesn’t work that way.”

Sometimes, when we lose loved ones, it helps to feel that others are here for us – whether we know them intimately or not.

If you want, you can tweet / instagram / facebook a picture of your ice cream adventure with #icecreamforAlexandra so she and her family know.  Or, enjoy the sweet dairy goodness with a silent prayer for her.

Either way, we all appreciate it.


ice cream

2 thoughts on “Why You Need to Go Out for Ice Cream this Weekend

  1. Thank you so much. I am moved and brought to tears, by the love and support of the internet in this heart breaking time for me. THANK YOU. My mother loved going for ice cream, and deep down it was the non rush of that activity, that she loved. You can’t rush ice cream moments, and the sitting and silence that was soon filled with laughs and smiles, was what ice cream was all about for her, and then for me. I took myself out tonight for ice cream, it was bittersweet, but I knew I had to do it. And I thought of her, chocolate doesn’t taste that bad with a little salt from tears on it. THANK YOU.

    • You’re welcome, Alexandra. Any little thing I can do to help.. I am happy to do. You are right.. the slowness of going out for ice cream is what makes it so special. I will forever think of you and your mother when I get some. You are a brave woman; you carry a lot of her in your heart! xoxo

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