Travel Tips from a Travel Pro & A Giveaway!!!


I’m leaving for Miami later this week so I figured it’s a proper time for this post. Woop!

If you’ve followed along with this blog for a while now, you know that, for several years, I lived out of a suitcase traveling the country as a Road Warrior for my job.  When I say traveling, I mean literally every Monday morning I boarded a flight to a far-off destination and returned ‘home’ Thursday night.  That’s 50-ish weeks out of a year (removing some of the holiday weeks we didn’t need to travel).  If you’re adding up the math in your head right now, you’re probably realizing that yes – I spent more nights in a hotel bed than my own.

Luckily, I escaped that lifestyle several years ago, and now have time to pursue personal interests, outside of work, such as crossfit and this-here blog.  My extensive travel experience, however, left me as a self-proclaimed travel pro.

Throughout the years, I gathered a number of travel tips and secrets that I’m now sharing with you! Double woop!!  Pack your suitcase folks, set up your out of office and let’s go jet-setting with these travel tips!!


<< immediately off the plane in Indy.  no filter.  >>

Tip #1 (The most important): Carry a beauty toolkit.

Let’s be real – traveling is gross. Long flights and crowded subway trains leave us feeling icky and germ phobic – regardless of our natural tendencies.  To battle the feelings of yuck, I learned to carry an essential ‘beauty’ toolkit.  To any men out there, you can modify the toolkit to your personal preferences, but the concepts are the same (Purel, Axe body spray and some mints, anyone?).  To all the women, here’s what I recommend carrying — and what can normally be found in my travel bag!


  1. Yes to Cucumbers Travel Towelettes – Whether cleansing my face, removing makeup or quickly wiping off my hands, these towelettes are my go-to for any travel occasion.  Hypoallergenic and paraben free, they make me feel clean and refreshed no matter if I’m jet-setting to the city streets of NYC or off on some country roads in South Carolina.
  2. Seventh Generation Skin Serum – My skin gets really dry when I’m on long flights or the subway so I always like to carry some sort of serum / lotion with me, especially for my face.  This is the lightest and most natural skin serum I’ve come across to date!  The serum is hypoallergenic and free of parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances so I feel moisturized, but not bogged down by unnatural products, which is an especially great feeling while traveling.  (Note: You only need about 1-2 squirts to cover your entire face!)  The serum contains jojoba oil, yet it feels so light on your skin.  (Jojoba is actually one of the lighter natural oils and has been a part of my beauty routine for years.)  Due to the acai and passion flower oils, it also smells amazing, which is so refreshing when I’m cramped up next to some peeps I don’t know in the middle seat on the plane.  (Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog).  All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.
  3. Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo – Ladies.  The travel gods answered with this one.  When unfortunate travel situations (10+ hour flights, delays, cancellations, overnight bus trips?) leave us without running water, we need miracles. Dry shampoo is our miracle!  A quick spray around my head removes visible oil and leaves a refreshing fragrance that empowers me to tackle any and all travel obstacles.  Watch out TSA!
  4. Essential Oil (any brand, any smell) – I use Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil.  When you’re traveling and smelling things that are just, plainly, unidentifiable, it is essential to carry essential oil.  Get it ;)  A few quick dabs on your wrists or your neck offer a calming and soothing relief even if you’re in the middle of travel chaos.

Tip #2: Book your flight on a Tuesday.

(This tip is actually from my mother.)  But, it works!!  I saved $60 on my flight to Miami by just buying it on a Tuesday.

Tip #3: Most hotels will let you check in early. 

When I took that crazy a$$ trip to Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I checked into my hotel at 6:30AM.  6:30AM!!  It was awesome.  Not only did I get to shower after an overnight bus ride and before the conference, but I also used my hotel room for a full 24-hours.  I definitely got my money’s worth!

Even if hotels do not have rooms available, they will allow you to check your bag, which is very helpful when you get to your destination early and want to explore the sights and sounds.

**Did someone mention a Giveaway??!**

Ah yes, I did!

You can win your own version of My Essential, Awesome, and Can’t Live without It Travel Beauty Toolkit for free (courtesy of me)!!!

All you have to do is (1) comment on this post below with your favorite all-natural, travel beauty item OR your favorite travel tip.


(2) You can win 5 EXTRA entries to the giveaway (quintuple your chances of winning!!) by tweeting your favorite all-natural travel beauty tip.  Include me in your tweet (@crossroadsheart) and USE THE HASHTAG #AllNaturalStyleSecrets.

You must CC me and use the hashtag to be entered into the giveaway!  Let’s get creative!

I will choose one winner, right here on my blog, on Monday August 26th at 8:00AM.  You have, until then, to enter!  I will accept only one entry via comment below.  I will accept as many tweets as you want to tweet! (5 entries for each tweet!  Just remember to include me (@crossroadsheart) and use the hashtag #AllNaturalStyleSecrets!)

81 thoughts on “Travel Tips from a Travel Pro & A Giveaway!!!

  1. Oops and my favorite travel tip is pack a few extra items…bc what if a flight is delayed or cancelled…you’ll appreciate that extra pair of undies and a clean tshirt! :)

  2. I’ve had a fair amount of experience traveling through tons of airports throughout the country. Something that I’ve learned is to choose what you put in your “purse” carry-on wisely.

    Usually, I would always carry an oversized purse (which is okay) and stuff it to the point where it can barely shut (not okay).

    This would mean I’m on the plane and am struggling to find one item in my overstuffed purse and ticking off the person sitting next to me with all my fidgeting. Lesson learned. Pick the top 6-7 items that you’ll be needing and only put those in your purse. Everything else? Put it in the carry-on suitcase and stow it away.

  3. My favorite travel tip is to make sure to take facial wipes and moisturizer with you on the plane (along with a mist bottle of water) Wipe off all of your makeup as soon as you’re on the plane, add some moisturizer, and throughout the ride (especially long ones) mist your face as planes will suck all the moisture from your face :)

  4. I love all of your tips! I just recently got into essential oils and I never thought to travel with them so that’ll definitely be my new “go to” travel tip. My favorite travel item has to be hand sanitizer. I love the scented varieties from Bath & Body Works. Thanks for hosting!

  5. I also love the Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes and swear by those. I used to travel 50 weeks a year, too! My tip always bring healthy snacks. I have been reviewing a ton of awesome whole food bars on my blog lately for this reason! Also stay hydrated. Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol on flights. (Great idea on the essential oils – love that tip!)

    • Amber.. i should have read this twice before i left for miami. i have no cash and no debit card!! UGH! thank god im meeting up with girlfriends who will probably just laugh at me! xoxo

  6. I’m getting on a plane tomorrow morning and thought about doing my own version of this post! You’ve got some really great tips/tricks. My go-to is an eye roller-ball and some eye drops. I put the roller stuff on before the flight and again after to keep my eyes from looking and gross, and the drops I usually put in after landing.

    • great idea gayle! i layer on foundation underneath my eyes :I haha .. probably not the most natural approach! would love to see your own version of the post sometime!

  7. Great post!! My tips – learn to pack a carry-on correctly and you’ll never need to pack a checked bag for a 5 – 6 day trip!! There are lots of helpful videos on YouTube, but my mom is a packing genius and I like to think I inherited the gene, too!! My other tips: don’t forget the lip gloss!! There’s nothing worse than dry, chapped lips! My current favorite is Kiss & Tell tingling lip gloss by Pure Romance. And…I don’t know of its just me, but I love traveling in professional/business clothing, there was once a time when this was the norm! I feel better when I look good and I think people are nicer and more helpful if you are dressed more sharply. The complements from other passengers and the flight crew don’t hurt either!! ;)

  8. I never fly without a packet of Colgate Wisps to refresh my breath and my teeth, and I always carry Mary Kay mineral highlighting powder (I like the it in pink stardust) to refresh my face without adding too much makeup. I find I don’t like to put too much back on until I get to a hotel and shower, but I look like death after a dry, long flight. These help me put my best face forward!

  9. I always make sure that I am signed up for the free points for whichever hotel I am staying in, even if its not one I normally frequent. This way I can have extra points to use on other things based on their rewards program.

  10. I LOVE bringing dry shampoo so that I don’t have to wash my hair as much (heck, I use it even when I’m not traveling!) I also have gotten a lot better about bringing ONLY what I need, not extra outfits. I bring a trash bag to put all my dirty stuff in (or use the one the hotel provides) as it becomes dirty so that the room stays cleaner and I’m not mixing dirty and clean clothes. If you need help with room, pack everything in large ziploc bags (you can sit or hug them to remove the air). I also like using shower caps for my shoes!

  11. Aloe Vera is a safe and natural product that’s good for moisturizing, healing acne, soothing burns, and in a pinch, can be used as a shave gel.

  12. My favorite travel tip is to carry an empty water bottle with you. Go through security, and then fill it up! Staying hydrated will keep you healthier, prevent jet lag, and save you a fortune in bought beverages. @crossroadsheart #AllNaturalStyleSecrets

  13. Favorite natural beauty item: Simple facial wipes! You are spot-on and I’ve traveled with some kind of facial wipe in my bag for years! If my face feels grimy, I feel grimy!

  14. my fave all natural travel item is mineral foundation. it’s not liquid so they don’t confiscate it on the plane, and i prefer it to liquids anyways

  15. My travel tip is to bring a couple bottles of completely frozen water with you. It’s a great destresser to have a nice COLD drink of water

  16. Yes to Cucumbers Travel Towelettes sounds like a Yes to me, Can’t have to many refreshes while on the road

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

    • mariah – you read my mind, girl! i used a sample face lotion this weekend that i got at a hotel a couple weeks ago. it was really light and fragrant, but i think the best part is that it was free! ;)

  17. My travel tip is to always have a little bottle of face spritzer and face towels. Also travel with a breath spray and hand sanitizer.

  18. One of the best travel items I have is a little neck pillow that lets you catch some z’s without leaning on the person next to you! Seriously though, a power nap helps keep you fresh!

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  20. I wanted to thank you for submitting this to and sincerely wanted to appologize that I was not able to get this posted this week. It was a crazy week getting my kids ready for school and the time just slipped. I hope you’ll still try again if you have another low entry giveaway.

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