More All Natural Style Travel Tips PLUS A Giveaway Winner!

Y’all – I had so much fun reading everyone’s all natural beauty travel tips that I decided to highlight my favorites for you!  I categorized them for easy reading!

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the giveaway last week and tweeted about the post!  You guys rock.  I announce the winner below!.  Read on to see if you won!


miami beach, fl

photo courtesy of my friend, aarti (not my sister!)

If you were wondering where you can get My Essential, Awesome, and Can’t Live without It Travel Beauty Toolkit products on your own, I wanted to let you know where to find everything!

  • Say Yes to Cucumbers Towelettes (Target)
  • 7th Generation Serum (Exclusively at Walgreens) If you want to know which “boost” is best suited for you, click here!
  • Salon Grafix Dry Shampoo (CVS)
  • Aura Cacia Essential Oil (Whole Foods)

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Again… you guys rock!!

Now, on to the tips!



-Choose what you put in your carry-on wisely (most important 6-7 items so that you don’t feel bogged down) ~Somya

-Once you have the core 6-7 items that you need, pack a few extras just in case (you never know when you’re going to get stuck somewhere!) ~ Stephanie

-Use shower caps to store your shoes.  It keeps them together and more tightly packaged, which allows for more room in your suitcase for other things! ~Jessica

-Thread your necklaces through drinking straws so that they don’t get tangled (who woulda thunk?!!) ~Kelly

-Pack spare quart bags for when things get messy or you find a random hole! ~Claire

-Stick with a carry-on sized bag!!! ~Numerous

photo (63)

he’s apparently famous??


-Dress Business Casual/Professional when traveling (you get treated better and feel put together!) ~MGibbon

-Bring layers (like a sweater) for cold plane rides or when weather on ground turns unexpectedly ~Kenzie


-Drink Water! I was surprised and happy with the number of people who just recommended the simple act of drinking water to help keep hydrated and feeling fresh! Love it :)

-Powder vs. Foundation!  A couple people recommended traveling with powder vs. liquid foundation.  You don’t have to worry about getting through security and it helps prevent oil spots that might pop up while traveling.  Great idea!

-Aloe Vera!  I am unfortunately allergic to aloe, which is extra annoying, because according to Melissa B., it is the jack of all trades!  She uses it for moisturizing, healing acne, soothing burns, and in a pinch,  as shaving gel.  Dang, girl!

-Towelettes!  Andddd everyone is pretty much obsessed with towelettes.  I recently discovered them soo apparently I was in a towelette black hole prior to this.  Thank you for saving me, everyone!!

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FINALLY, the grand prize super-duper GIVEAWAY winner is….

Entry #18:  Jewelyn

Congratulations, Jewelyn!! I will be sending you an email later this evening with the details.


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