Some Updates on How You can RAK It Up Next Month

Howdy, folks!  Happy Thursday September 19thWhy the specific date?  I have no idea except it indicates that we are more than half way through the month of September, which means… it’s almost time for 31 Random Acts in October!


I wanted to give you an update about the project and specifically some ideas for how you can prepare for the random acts!  I know what you are thinking.  Shouldn’t these acts be randomYes; you are right!  But, we all know what happens when we try to do something for 31 days straight… It’s much easier when you’re prepared.


First – I suggest that you develop your list of 31 random acts!  This will help you stay organized and give you a fun list of happy things to cross off throughout the month :)  If you are using some of our ideas, here are some recommendations for how you can prepare:

#2. What’s something you have that you no longer want or need?  Give it away. — This weekend, I plan to gather some clothes that I no longer wear.  This way, in October, all I have to do is take the bag full of clothes to the Goodwill and the RAK is a done deal!

#8. Write a note to someone you’ve been meaning to talk to. — The other day, I went through my desk and made sure I had some stationary for writing notes.  Again, in October, it will be super simple to pull out the stationary and write the notes.  Also important to stock up on stamps!

#10. Do something with coins. — Make sure you have some!

#11. Do something with food / beverages. — Buy some gift cards, take stock of any cans in your pantry, etc.

#All — Do some research on local animal shelters, food banks, senior centers, etc.  Find out their hours of operation.  Some places may only allow outside volunteers on certain days /times.  This will help you plan out your month!

Some Other Random Questions (ORQs) you may be asking yourself right now:

Do I have to perform 31 acts?  No!  Conduct as many as you choose!  We’re just happy you joined :)

What if I don’t start on the 1st / join late?  Jump right in!  We accept all RAK love.

Do you have any rules?  We have ONE rule, which is if you are performing a random act please tell someone that you did it!  Spread the love and encourage them to pay it forward!

How do I tell people what I did?  My favorite question! 

First, if you have a blog, please post on there and link up to this blog or our Facebook page!  You can also share links to your blog posts in the comments; I will be blogging every day! 

Speaking of Facebook, please share your random acts with us on the page!  Post pictures; I would love to see #RAKs in action. 

This is the same for our Twitter page.  Oooh speaking of twitter; we have a hashtag!  You can use #31RandomActs.  Just think how a year ago, I had no idea how to use hashtags and now I’m a hastagging pro. ;)

Finally, is that other (better) blogger Kina participating?  Ugh; you people love her!  I’m sure she will be helping with the #21 Help an Animal.  Other than that, she loves car rides and being outside so I’m sure she will accompany me on some RAK outings.

Thank you to everyone who liked our Facebook page or filled out the form to tell me that you are participating.  If you are reading about this project for the first time, please go here to sign up!

Who’s pumped??

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