Guest Post: 101 in 1001 “My faith in the human spirit grew…”

People – I can’t even tell you how excited I am for this guest post today.  I met Melissa (virtually!) through a crossfit friend of mine.  My friend asked me last week if Melissa could write a post for my blog.  “Of course!” I said before I even knew what she was going to write!

When my friend told me of Melissa’s quest to complete 101 bucket list items in 1001 days, I became charmed by our similar passion for life.  Melissa’s post is both heartwarming and inspiring and I’m so happy I received the opportunity to host her words here.



Earlier this week, as I sat by my dad’s bedside at the WakeMed Heart Center, I started thinking about what it means to live a full life.  Since coming across the Day Zero Project site in January 2011, I’ve been working to complete 101 goals in 1001 days.  My first goal?  Come up with 101 goals

NASCAR?  Hot Air Balloon?  Helicopter?  What was I thinking?  Some were easy.  Some were hard.  Some were just a matter of getting my butt in gear to get them done.  After all, there’s no time like the present and the clock was ticking.

2011-10 Ral Weekend Abby J Baby Shower

In my every day type A list-checking life, I’m usually on point with things I want to get done.  The not-so-fun things though, for instance #2 Paint My Downstairs Walls, are another story; that particular one has been a “to do” since 2008.  I was grateful for the 1001 days to tackle the list, which made it feel a bit more manageable.  It also allowed wiggle room for do-overs and rescheduling, especially for goals requiring a bit more logistical planning like #9, Complete 7 Goals in One Week.  But, the limited days also made it harder (though not impossible) to procrastinate.  I sheepishly note, Paint My Downstairs Walls is still on the list, but hopefully will be checked off on Day 998.  Phew; take that procrastination!

7 goals 1 week

Luckily, sharing my 101 list also created accountability.  My friends, family and coworkers immediately jumped in to help and keep me on track.  I also owe special thanks to friends of friends and complete strangers along the way, like those pictured below, who helped with #62, Hug 10 Random People and Caitlin who loaned her blog space (thanks for reading!) to help with #30, Publish Something I Wrote.  My faith in the human spirit grew each time someone helped me complete a goal.  Without “the village”, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to tackle the list.  We really can do anything when we work together and it was SO MUCH FUN to include others in my journey.


At the end of this month, September 29th, 2013, I hit day 1001.  I would like to tell you I am going to finish all 101 goals, but there are still a few lingering.  I am hopeful I find the knack (and time) for knitting (#70), that I get caught up on scrapbooking (#7) and that the professionals come through to help me with painting (#2) and will writing (#96).  I still plan to check everything off the list, even if it happens outside the 1001 days (see type A above).

A full life happens when you make one. For me, the 101 in 1001 kept me accountable for seizing every moment in my life.  While sitting in the WakeMed Heart Center this week, I was reminded that life can be cut short at a moment’s notice.  I am very thankful my dad got his second lease on life after surviving a heart attack at 58 years young thanks to modern medicine and lots of prayers and well wishes.  We owe it to ourselves to make the most of our lives.  As for me, I’ve had some great adventures these past 1001 days with old friends and new friends alike.  Perhaps it’s time to make a new list.  Join me?


Carpe Diem!

 ~Melissa Deere
Published Author ;)

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