4 Things I Learned in September (with cool facts this time!)

Each month, Emily from Chatting at the Sky hosts a link up for the things she learned and invites others to join her. Read posts from some other amazing bloggers (who have really great tips!).

Last month, I complained about writing lessons learned that were a little too me-focused so I worked hard this month to find some interesting facts for you guys!  It’s funny how my blog keeps me more aware of things in the world and accountable for my goals.

1. I can’t even believe I’m giving away this secret… Costco sells designer hand bags.  I’m not even talking about a nicer bag (Coach, Dooney Bourke, etc.) that you’d find at a department store.  I’m talking Fendi and Prada, people.


2. In 1993, seismographic needles went off in response to a very large-scale disturbance near a place called Banjawarn Station in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia.  Nearly four years later, the incident was briefly investigated as a bombing by a Japanese terrorist group called Aum Shinrikyo ….

I don’t know if it’s more disturbing that a terrorist group would just randomly *bomb* (or practice bombing) a deserted area of a 1st world country or if it’s the fact that nearly zero news organizations reported on the story (including newspapers in Australia itself).  Cray. Cray.

Also, I read about this weird situation in Bill Bryson’s “In a Sunburned Country.”  Another fun fact is that my brother, my sister and I each own different copies of the book…  I think my mom got a little excited when my brother studied abroad in Australia ?

3. There is a word in italian for the water mark left on a table from a cold glass.  It’s called culacinno.  So pretty!  There are also 10 other foreign words, referenced in this article, that don’t translate into the English language.  It’s so interesting to read about them.



4. Did you know that the United States euthanizes 5,500 dogs each day?  Kina and I are very sad.  So is Mark Barone who is on a mission to paint 5,500 portraits of real dogs euthanized in our country.  The project, called An Act of Dog, once finished could fill up half the Sistine Chapel or if you stacked the portraits ten feet tall, they would be two football fields in length.

That is all I have for this month!  Are you joining me for 31 Random Acts on October 1st?

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