When a Woman Needs Flowers…

Peeps – I’ve been dying to tell you about my first day of 31 Random Acts and I’m so happy that I’m finally allowed to get the secret out!  For the first day, I completed #1: Something you would want someone to do for you.  To me, this means sending flowers to my beautiful Aunt Karen!!


Besides raising her three boys, maintaining a household on a farm, working her bootay off and being an overall *fun* woman, my Aunt inspires each of her nieces and nephews to be a good person and *most importantly* live life to the fullest!  Just a couple years ago, she sent me a gorgeous vase of flowers when I was having a rebuilding moment in DC.  (I know my flowers pale in comparison to the ones she sent!)


Why is this something you would want someone to do for you?

It’s always nice to receive flowers from someone when it’s not your birthday or a special occasion.  Sometimes we try so hard to meet expectations for everyone – our family, our work, our home responsibilities – that women need flowers as a gentle reminder that someone loves us for just being ourselves. Karen is an amazing person who experiences her fair share of ups and downs in life.  She continuously faces any and all obstacles thrown her way, and I’m so proud to both know her and be related to her.  She never gives up hope, even in the darkest hours, and I love her for that!

–> When a Woman Needs Flowers: this is day one.

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19 thoughts on “When a Woman Needs Flowers…

  1. I saw a friend on Facebook was doing a GoFundMe campaign for a family who unexpectedly lost their dad/husband this week to help shore up their finances. RAK #1 – donated to this campaign. I LOVE the flower idea. That will be on my list!

  2. Thank you again for the beautiful flowers and for allowing me to be a part of your “31 Random Acts of kindness”. You are such an inspiration for such a young woman!
    Aunt Karen

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