Letters to Home

While you’re reading this post, I’m currently participating in the Ragnar Relay, which is a 200 mile race with 12 people in less than 36 hours. Yes, we’re running overnight. Yes, I have no idea if I’ll survive more than five miles.

Luckily, I already conducted my random act for the day, which was simple and also meant a lot to me.

photo (83)

I wrote letters to some of my friends from home, which completed #8 Write a note to someone you’ve been meaning to talk to. These girls are wonderful women who have been there through everything – from the awkward teenage moments to stumbling our way through college to navigating the career ladders. The best thing about our friendships is that, even though we don’t talk very often, we always pick things up where we last left them.

Do you have someone similar in your life?


When a Woman Needs Flowers : day one.

Epic Fail: Carrying Groceries: day two.

Tips for Donating Clothes: day three.

–> Letters to Home: this is day four.

Have you read about 31 days and/or visited other bloggers’ series?

Other 31 Random Acts conducted today (that I know about!):

Thank you for your RAK love!

Are you performing a random act today?

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