Say Thank You

Y’all I somehow survived Ragnar Relay and found some time to perform a random act yesterday!  I just lacked the time and energy to write the post!

My lovely friend Kelly helped me out yesterday by picking up Kina (the other, better blogger) before the boarder charged me another $50 to keep her overnight.  Kelly helped me regardless of a potential return on investment because she is a great friend!  But, I wanted to offer up a little something to show my appreciation.

photo (84)

1 hour later – pizza, diet coke and girl talk – provided a quick solution!  I would have done this for Kelly regardless of the 31 days of RAKs, but this also helped me complete #3 Remember a time someone helped you out.  Do something to pay them back.

What is your favorite way to return a favor to a friend?

When a Woman Needs Flowers : day one.

Epic Fail: Carrying Groceries: day two.

Tips for Donating Clothes: day three.

Letters to Home: day four.

–> Say Thank You: this is day five.

Have you read about 31 days and/or visited other bloggers’ series?

Other 31 Random Acts conducted yesterday (that I know about!):

Thank you for your RAK love!

Are you performing a random act today?

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