Reading Rainbow!

For my 12th random act of kindness, I ventured over to the local Barnes & Noble and picked up some gift cards for a couple random, lucky and (hopefully) happy people!  I actually chose a couple of books to hide the gift cards inside because I wanted the act to be a complete surprise.

photo 3

After venturing around the store for a little while, I finally settled on the first book, which dealt with addiction.  I mentioned before how this is a common issue in my family.  It’s something that a lot of people close to me (including myself) take very seriously and control some sort of level of addiction everyday.  I’m hoping that a person either looking for a personal rehabilitation strategy or one for a family member / friend will stumble upon my gift card and be inspired to buy the book!

photo 2

On a lighter note, I headed over the travel section next to hide the other gift card inside of a travel book.  After some contemplation, I settled on a guide to Eastern Europe.  My family’s heritage originates from Slovenia (formerly Yugoslavia) so the area is near and dear to my heart.

I hope I made some people’s day! :)

This is #9 Do something with books.

Other 31 Random Acts conducted (that I know about!):

  • Erica bought a homeless man breakfast and shared healthy snacks with friends!
  • My sister wrote a note to someone who inspires her (she is doing this every day in October)
  • My mom donated clothes to Volunteer America!
  • Marcia shared Larabars with her skaters (she’s a figure skating coach)!
  • The Kitch Witch cooked and delivered meals to those impacted by the floods in Colorado

Thank you for your RAK love!

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