The Very Best of 2013 with Link Love

Happy New Years, everyone!  I realize that it’s January 2nd, but I believe that it’s never too late to send a New Years greeting!  I also believe that it’s never too late to take a glance in the rear view mirror and reflect on the past year, which is exactly what I’m doing today…

This post is about sharing some of my own favorite writing from 2013, and some of my favorites from the blogging community.  Both writing and reading good blog posts inspires me to push on in my pursuit of becoming a better person.  To those of you who wrote one of these posts, thank you for sharing your words with us in 2013.


co and kin


my sister and my dog

1. The Art of Journaling by Kenzie at Chasing Happy :: how various forms of journaling awakens something different inside of us

2. One Thing Your Daughter Doesn’t Need You to Say by Emily at Chatting at the Sky :: i could read this post over and over and over

3. On the Night before your First Middle School Dance by Dana at The Kitch Witch :: a beautiful mother – daughter tale

4. Don’t Waste your Motherhood by Tahnie at A Happy Girl :: about her gratitude for being a mother. a must read whether you’re a mother or not.

5. Letting go of fearing Forever by Jennifer at Project: Underblog :: a post about being comfortable in our own skin

plus some of my own…

1. What is the biggest regret of your life?  :: on how to prevent life regrets

2. 10 Things that Make Me Blush :: my only and favorite poetry piece i’ve ever written

3. The Best Way to Feed your Soul this Fall :: my post on 31 random acts of kindness; one of my favorite projects in 2013

4. Dear Chapstick (A Love Letter) :: a fun piece about being a girl

5. Chinese Food, F* Bombs & My Dad :: a peek into life growing up with my dad!

I hope everyone is ringing in the new year on a high note!  But before we start talking resolutions (even if you’ve already started), what was your favorite moment of 2013??

Linking up with Mama Kat’s workshop.  Prompt #3: Share your top blog posts of 2013.

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