Things You Learn from Strangers on the Internet

Last weekend, I ventured down to Woodbridge for the third Virginia Blogger Meet-up.  I wrote about my other two trips here and here.  The event’s name is really tough to comprehend and all ;), so, to fully explain, a Blogger Meet-up is when a number of Virginia women with blogs meet up to eat some yummy food and discuss all things womanly – from blogs to gossip to love to life.

It’s amazing how much we cover in a couple of hours.

Because here’s the thing about meeting people through the internet – you never know what to expect.    When I first decided to meet these women in person, I didn’t know whether to study Blogging 101 the night before, fake an extroverted alter ego or bring my can of mace.  Seriously, I thought about bringing mace.

The other option was to just be myself, but that terrified me even more.

To get right down to it, the most import and surprising thing I learned about strangers on the internet is that most of them actually want to be your friend.  Your real, true friend.  I know more about these women from our last three meet-ups (and endless hours of stalking them online) than I know about most acquaintances in my real life.  I’ve lived through the birth of Melanie’s son, Krystle’s Advocare journey, Abbey’s date night extravaganzas, Sarah’s amazing battle through life’s unexpected adventures, and the discovery of Gayle’s golden moments.  So many momentous occasions in such a short period of time.

And I didn’t even need the mace.

Here’s the full list of the amazing friends I met up with at this past meet-up.  Please check out these women’s blogs!  You never know what you’ll learn next. ;)

ps. I think I owe a few of you this link to the ten guys you meet through online dating…

This blog post might be all over the place.


 Back (left to right):
Penny @ Real Housewife of Caroline County
Beth @ Arrow in the Eye
Krystle @ Life Revolves Around Them
Alix @ In a DC Minute
Front (left to right)
Abbey @ The Makings of a Mess
Sarah @ Growing, Laughing & Loving in Life
Melanie @ Now a Queen
Gayle @ A Gayle Force

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