Pinterest Update! 2015 Spring Fashion

A couple of weeks ago, some of the women in my family went on a quick girls trip.  The eventual destination was Orlando, FL, but my cousin and I also spent some time in Charleston, SC (where she lives), Savannah, GA, and Amelia Island, FL.  It was a fun filled week of sun, wine and giggles.

Part of the down time gave me just enough hours to brush up on my pinterest skills and outfit inspiration.  As you may remember from my 2014 Fall Fashion post last year, I disclosed my pinterest fashion golden rule.  I only pin images that remind me or include articles of clothing in my own wardrobe.  It’s so much easier to find inspiration in pins when pieces of it already exist in my closet!

A big thank you to my “photographers” for taking the pictures and putting up with my silly antics, especially the requests for various backdrop images.  Woop!


1. Foolproof Combinations – I’ve been quite confused about what to do with my maxi dresses when it’s not quite warm enough to rock them on the regular.  Enter: the scarf.  Brilliance, on a whim!  I decided to simply drape mine across my shoulder, but the styling options are endless!

source: pinterest


dress: Old Navy // scarf: JCrew // sandals: Target

2. Chambray, all the way: I love me a simple basic with a pop of color.  When I saw this pin, I knew that I needed to add my chambray button down and pink skirt to the rotation on vacation.  It proved to be the perfect day-to-night outfit as my cousin and I bounced around Charleston!

source: pinterest


button down: Old Navy // skirt: Urban Outfitters // shoes: Target

3. But what do I do when I’m lazy? A simple outfit doesn’t mean that it lacks fashion!  I was inspired by this pin to pair a 3/4 length black shirt and jean shorts with some tall wedges.  It felt comfortable and sexy all at the same time!

source: pinterest


shirt: Old Navy // shorts: Target // shoes: Target (slight obsession?)

***What are you wearing this spring???

ps. None of these retailers have any idea who I am.  I just like their clothing and enjoy showing off some of their threads!

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