Hi! I’m Caitlin — I’m a soft-spoken, caring, honest, loyal, and self-motivated Leo. If you want to know who I really am, read this.

I discovered my passion for writing a couple of years ago; it helps keep me sane! Originally, I ‘picked up the pen’ for this reason.

Now, I write about many topics. Most focus on:

I’m a very positive person with a motivational spirit. I am funny and enjoy making people laugh. My family is my world and I talk about them often.

When I graduated college, I was definitely in a confused stage. I eventually realized that there wasn’t a clear roadway for how to live my life so I adopted this quote “There is no set path; just follow your heart.” I think that I stay true to this concept in my writing today.

For whatever reason you stopped by, thanks for coming! Leave a comment – I love those! And, I hope to see you back soon. :-)

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