What’s in my bag?!

Usually, I write my posts for both men and women to enjoy reading.  Even when I wrote my Travel Tips article, including details about what’s in my travel kit, I threw in a few golden nuggets for the men folk.  Because axe body spray and mints are all you need in life, amiright?  But this post – not so much.  So if you are a man and still reading this, consider yourself fair warned. :)

Curiosity is a funny thing.  I think if you ask most women, they will admit to wanting to sacrifice many personal items for just one glance inside another woman’s bag.  What’s her go-to lipstick brand?  How does she keep her hair so shiny? Is there a small mountain of bobby pins and gum wrappers at the bottom, like mine?

I might not be able to solve all of your nosiness woes, but today I’m offering up a sneak peek into what’s normally in my bag – heaps of bobby pins, and all.  And, please, let me know in the comments what you’re toting around so I don’t have to sacrifice my favorite pair of shoes or a right limb hoping for a glance in your purse.  I need some help!

1. The bag. It was pretty terrible going through life without my magenta Longchamp bag.  This was a gift from ole mama years after my time studying abroad in France.  I love it’s size; it’s perfect for weekends away, airport travel and just wandering around town.

2. Panty Liners are one of my favorite things right now.  Forget the image in your head of a ‘clunky diaper,’ liners are lightweight, flexible and seamless – perfect for the tail-end of that time of the month, or when you just need some extra protection. #freshisfierce

3. Hand Sanitizer – A necessity for every situation you could ever find yourself in.

4. A Compact Mirror is my Mother Theresa.  Sometimes angelic, sometimes sweet, and always there to lend a helping hand.

5. The elephant.  Of course, we had to talk about the bobby pins!  Yes – just like you – I always have piles of them at the bottom of every bag, scattered on the floor of my home and out swimming in the unknowns.  My favorite are the miniature sized ones that are perfect for the occasional frequent fly-away’s and loose pieces of hair going awol.

6. So, the other day.  I actually thought about spending money on expensive makeup – like the really nice kind that promises to remove every flaw on your body.  Before spending a bunch of money, I googled the difference between expensive and drugstore makeup and surprisingly learned that most of it has to do with the applicator, brand name (duh) and sometimes the small, tiny particles in the makeup.  Needless to say, I went out and grabbed some nice makeup brushes, and threw one in my bag for touch-ups on the go! Problem solved.

7. Long lash effect.  Some women’s secret weapon is a concealer stick, or a light stroke of powder after a long day.  Mine is a mascara swipe – or two.

8. Hi! Remember when I wrote a love letter to Chapstick?  I always have at least two in my bag.

the real deal.

I was given Carefree acti-fresh panty liners complimentary in exchange for my thoughts on this blog post.  All opinions are entirely my own.

Pinterest Update! 2014 Fall Fashion

I am not a fashion blogger.  In fact, for a long time, I never understood how fashion bloggers take those really professional photos. Like, is that a real photographer behind that lens or her boyfriend?  Luckily, my bloggy friends finally informed me that yes, sometimes it is her boyfriend, and other times it’s a tripod camera.  A milkawhat?

This is one of the main reasons that I love pinterest.  Even without all the fancy technology, I can still pretend to know a thing or two about the fashion industry.  In fact, my fall fashion board is my only pinterest board currently hovering above 100 pins.  If you’ve been around here for a little while, you are aware of my slight obsession with keeping pinterest boards within 100 ole images.  It’s the only way that I will continuously reference them for inspiration.  Admittedly, with all the latest and greatest outfit threads, it’s hard to limit myself, especially when I am in a pinning frenzy.  This is why I enforce my pinterest fashion golden rule: I only pin images that remind me or include articles of clothing in my own wardrobe.  It helps keep me sane.

When I glanced at my fall fashion board recently, I was excited to see a few things that popped out at me that I knew I wanted to rock this season.  So, I decided to put together a little fall fashion show.  I mean… Why not??!  Even if I can’t play with the big girls, at least I can give it a shot!  A big thank you to my “photographer”; apparently we can’t do this stuff without y’all.  Boots and pants!


1. Color Inspiration – I loved this yellow dress styled with an oversized scarf.  I loved it even more when I realized that I have one in a very similar color in my own closet.  Since my dress is strapless, I paired it with a cotton blue jacket.

source: pinterest

dress: Old Navy // jacket: gift // scarf: Gap // booties: gift

2. Close, but not quite: Damn, leather has been hot these past couple of years.  Unfortunately, I never made the splurge on any actual piece of leather clothing.  Luckily, however, this pinterest pic reminded me of some plain old black pants and top that I had lying around in my dresser.  Thrown together with some neon pink pumps, I was feeling spicy!

source: pinterest

blouse: Target // pants: Francesca’s // shoes: gift

3. But what do I do with all those summer dresses? For a long time, I never knew what to do with my summer wardrobe once fall crept around.  In fact, most of my pieces hibernated for the winter time until I could show them off with a little skin. Enter: the sweater.  Thrown on top of a lazy summer dress, it’s an instant two outfits in one.

source: pinterest

sweater: Marshall’s // dress: Old Navy // jewelry: Old Navy // boots: gift (what can I say, my mom likes shoes)

ps. None of these retailers have any idea who I am.  I just like their clothing and enjoy showing off some of their threads!