5 Traits of a Perfect Sunday

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sundays lately.  Ever since I started spending time with a certain someone, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around his belief in working most weekends.  At first, he would spend a number of hours Sunday afternoon / evening making phone calls and prepping for the week ahead.  I was absolutely shocked.

Had he never heard ‘That’s What I Love about Sundays” by Craig Morgan?!  (He had not.)  Craig taught me, early on, that Sundays are for some chicken, baked beans, home, blue jeans and, most importantly, ‘not doing much of anything.’

So, naturally, I convinced him highly suggested that he work on Saturdays and leave Sundays for the rest, relaxation and recharge we all need.  And, since we’ve spent the past number of weeks in Sunday bliss, I started noticing a few things that guarantee a Perfect Sunday.

  • Start off with an amazing meal – One of our favorite, and most consistent, activities has been making breakfast together every Sunday morning.  Whether it’s applesauce pancakes or eggs & bacon (just bacon for me, please), nothing starts the Perfect Sunday off better than some hearty food in our stomach.

applesauce pancakes!

  • Do something outside – This is a big one for me, and usually involves a quick trip to the dog park with Kina, also known these days as Kin Bean (that’s pronounced KEEN-BEAN, kinda like green bean.)  Anyways – it was funny – one time, we* finally ventured off the couch and outdoors for the first time around 5pm in the evening, a.k.a. granny’s bedtime.  Even though it was late and our adventure was short, we both commented on how nice it was that we got outside for the day.  Another Sunday Success!

cherry blossoms!

  • Connect with others – Whether it’s calling a family member, a friend or meeting up with someone for brunch, a Sunday is not complete without a connection to a loved one.
  • Watch a great show – This is one of our favorite activities!!  And, with the recent purchase of my Apple TV, much easier to ensure that we’re watching the best latest shows.  Walking Dead, True Detective, Cosmos and House of Cards are some of our weekly watches right now.  What are you watching?
  • Do one thing productive – A load or two of laundry, finally paying that bill you’ve been putting off or even something as simple as packing your lunch for the next day.  Completing at least one productive thing on Sunday helps set a great tone for the week ahead.

How do you spend your Sundays?

*Apologies for the excessive use of the word ‘we’ in this post.  As in, sorry I’m not sorry.  :P

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Guest Post: “A cup of coffee turned my life around”

Y’all – today, I’m so excited to share with you some words from my cousin, Megan.  You may remember her from the last time she posted on the blog a couple years ago.  She was the recipient of a RAK the other day!  And, to spread the word, she decided to write-up a little something to share with y’all.  How awesome is that?!  It’s also kind of ironic that, on the same day, I also witnessed a RAK in the form of people passing around peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to homeless folks.  Two random acts in one day?!  I think it was one of the best days of my life. *Cue tunes*

Before we get on to the story, if you are interested in participating in 31 Random Acts this year (yes – we’re doing it, again!), please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!  Or, just email me to tell me that you’re in! [Caitlin dot parke at Gmail dot com] <– to thwart spammers

Ok, back to the action.  Want to know what happened to Megan?  Read on, y’all!


(Originally written: Saturday March 22, 2014.)

Today, a cup of coffee turned my life around. To some, this may sound crazy. To coffee addicts, like my father, this is probably a statement made every morning when he pours a whole pot of coffee into an oversized cup before he scoots off to work prior to the arrival of the sun.

It’s not what you think, though. I was draggin’ today so I decided to go to the local Starbuck’s drive-thru to get some coffee to pick-me-up before I drowned myself in school studies. I ordered my coffee and proceeded to the window where another car was waiting. I was distracted by my phone and wasn’t paying much attention. When the car pulled away, I crawled up to the window where the woman informed me that the car ahead of me had paid for my coffee. I was so caught off guard that I couldn’t even remember what the car looked like! Who was this mystery person? Was it a fellow Purdue fan that approved of my “Boiler Up” license plate?  Was it a former high-school classmate? Does it matter?

In the end, I drove away with a coffee and a smile. This is where I started thinking…

My cousin Caitlin posted blogs on RAKs before. She sent flowers to someone who needed them, donated clothes, brought in candy for her coworkers, and other kind acts. I always thought, “This is a great idea, but do I have time to actually go out and do these things?”  It is easy to allow the daily grind make you rush through your day and… life. Sometimes, we need to be reminded to slow down and see the beauty that is in this world. All it took for me was a $3 coffee. Lately, I have found myself moody and stressed with my crazy nursing school schedule. That person brought me back to my more care-free and kind hearted days, and urged me to work on being more like my old self.

That coffee and, more importantly, the random kindness of that driver, caused a ripple effect.  After Starbucks, I proceeded to TJMAXX (where I did not need to buy anything—for the love of God, stop going in there, Megan!). While there, I found myself giving everyone a kind smile and just being a little nicer to everyone I encountered, hoping that my kindness would affect them the same way the coffee affected me.  Besides, any one of these strangers could have paid for my coffee!

I decided to try on a few things then talked myself out of them. Instead of loading down the dressing room attendant with more things to return to the racks, I told her I would take care of it myself. She said that she would do it, but I insisted. As I pulled out of the busy parking lot, I let an elderly man in a van pull in front of me. He gave me a friendly wave and was on his way.

This coffee not only encouraged me to spread a little more love and joy, but created a domino effect with others around me. Will the dressing room attendant and the man in the van pay it forward in some way?  Or, just feel a little happier?

Here is the secret. RAKs have the power to not only bring joy to the person affected, but it brings you joy as well. Let’s try to be more caring to our fellow man. No one knows what people are going through, and sometimes all it takes is a coffee or a smile to turn their day around.


Thanks for the sweet post, Megan!  And, remember everyone, if you want to participate in 31 Random Acts in October 2014, please join the Facebook Page and/or follow us on Twitter!

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