For Women

There’s something about the Luke 6:45 passage, “her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart,” that is evermore true with each day that I live.  Most of these experiences – for good and bad – I’ve encountered myself.  I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me!

milkshakeHow to Attract a Man Through Humor: There is an obvious language barrier between men and women, but humor slices right through it.  Feel free to borrow some of my tried and tested pick-up lines and learn about what point in your relationship you should start using them.  Get it girl.


A Woman Who Knows What She Wants: I unravel what it really means when a man says that he wants a woman who knows what she wants.  Six characteristics that might change your entire perspective on yourself and your relationships…

photo-2I Have Limited Amounts of Time for Date Night: Commentary on how I try to juggle a busy schedule and a happy love life.

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