Live from Chicago! (Kind of…)


I’m actually on a bus somewhere between Cleveland and Chicago. A milk-a-what??! I know… Let me explain.

I thought at the age of 26 and 359 days, I would be past the point of ‘let me find the most crazy a$$ ridiculous way to get somewhere.’ I guess I was wrong. So, instead of paying $300 on a flight to Chicago, I decided, last week, to buy a bus ticket from Cleveland to Chicago and DRIVE myself from DC to Cleveland. Yeah… Cray.

“Why am I going to Chicago?” you may ask. Oh just to go to my first blogging conference ever!!! Woop! If you want to read more about the conference, click here.

Otherwise, I’ll answer some Other Random Questions (ORQ) you might be asking in your head right now.

Soo you drove from DC to Cleveland and then got on a bus to Chicago, why are you still awake right now?

I don’t know.

Did you take your mace on the bus?


How many times did you hear Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream song during the car drive?

Random question. Three times.. I enjoyed all of them.

If you’re in Chicago, where is that other (better) blogger, Kina?

At my parents.

Won’t she pee on them?


Is Kina good in the car?

Yes. She reads me directions and looks like a babe the whole time. Why do you keep asking about Kina??!

Ok ok. How did you know what to pack (e.g. What are you wearing)?

I didn’t know what to pack! This is why I googled it. Who woulda thunk there would be a zillion bloggers who write about what to wear to a blogging conference…

I was tempted to wear sweat pants the whole time. Good thing I googled what to do (no one wears sweat pants!)

Will you take selfies of what you wear and post them on Instagram?

Maybe. I’m not really into selfies but I have no friends here and don’t know anyone so.. Probably.

Speaking of that… Aren’t you introverted and terrified of meeting new people?

Yes. You know how people say “every once in a while, do something that scares you a bit”?!! This is one of those moments.

Did you bring the business cards they told you to bring?

Yes, but what do I do with them?! Do I just run up to people with my card??! Ugh.. Me nervous.

Last question. Did you realize you will probably miss all the coverage of the Crossfit Games??

Not when I bought the ticket to the conference! Send me texts of updates… I’ll be driving while its shown live on ESPN2!


I hope this answered all your questions!

Ps. If you’re out and about this weekend and think of it, send me some social bravery prayers??! Thanks y’all!