2012 Christmas Tour of the Condo

I’m linking up today with The Nesting Place’s 2012 Christmas Tour of Homes.  I kind of feel weird saying that – given that I live in a condo and it is no where near the level of tour-worthy.  Nevertheless, I’m adopting The Nester’s sacred catch phrase “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” and bedazzling up my first Christmas celebration in the brand spanking new condo (at least that’s how it still feels to me!)

photo (34)

Note the glass bowl in the center of the table.  Can you guess what it’s stuffed with?  Probably not since it’s not something us people tend to see in our everyday lives.  But, my dog?  (that tail whipping on the left is hers)  She found that stuffing in the middle of one of her toys and generously ripped it out to give to me as a Christmas present!  So, I stuffed it in that bowl with a gold ornament and called it a decoration.  Thanks Kina!

photo (35)

I haven’t received many holiday cards, but the one’s that I have received I placed on top of my bookshelf.  The owl one is from my friend who is Jewish – it says “hope you have a nice and cozy owliday season” inside… too cute!


I took a page out of The Nester’s book and folded green duct tape together to make a skinny long ribbon and then taped it to my window.  I added another ribbon that I just had lying around the house to add an additional festive feel.  It was a simple move, but I think it added a little fun to my otherwise plain jane window.


Do you see the green duct tape in the Christmas tree too?  What about the white stuffing?  Yep, I put that in the tree too.  Kina went overboard on the Christmas present love.  Just a touch of some pinecones and different colored lights later and I had myself a tree.  (A mini tree from Whole Foods that is…)


Finally, when in doubt, just decorate the dog…

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*How are you decorating for the holidays??

Day 21: How to Celebrate the Seasons when You’re Super Busy

The fact that it is December 10th is shocking.  I’m still stuck somewhere between the leaves changing colors and the first chill of November, but with 60-degree weather in DC.. who can blame me?

The reality is that there are several seasons that swoosh by without me taking full advantage of them.  I get caught up in the everyday mumble jumble and forget to soak in the humble moments.  This is why I try to find random days to celebrate the current season in all of its glory.  To aid in my intermittent appreciation, I try to act on the following guidelines:

kina in leaves

Spend a couple of hours outside

It sounds simple, but there are far few days that I remember to spend a couple of hours outside enjoying the weather and the seasonal changes.  When I find the time to take my dog Kina to the park to frolic in the leaves, I’m overjoyed with her happiness and my own for doing something that captures the moment.  Bonus points for remembering to take pictures! ;)

xmas tree

she kinda gets in the way?! haha

Do something small that has a long-lasting impact

When you’re super busy, time is of the essence.  But, how long does it really take to set out some pumpkins on your counter, to make iced tea for the hot summer days or to set up a miniature Christmas tree in the corner?  Plus, the benefits of your efforts extend far beyond the time that it takes you to do them.  I’ll be staring at that tree past New Year’s!

xmas ale

Great Lakes Christmas Ale with cinnamon & sugar rim!


I’m certainly not advocating spending hundreds of dollars on decorations or having a seamstress stitch your entire Halloween costume.  I am, however, encouraging you to splurge on little things that make you appreciate the season.  Whether it’s the $5 holiday drink at Starbucks, your favorite wrapping paper or one of those great smelling hyacinths around Easter (love those!), do something special to make the season memorable.

We will be celebrating the Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nesting Place on December 18th.  I’ll post pictures of my condo and how I am decorating for Christmas this year.  I can’t promise that it will be anything much more than the picture of the mini-tree above, but less is more, right??!

xmas tour


*How do you celebrate the seasons??

**I’m participating in a 31 Days series with numerous other writers.  To read my entire series, please view this page.

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