High Five for Friday

Hi, all.  I am trying something new this week!  I’ve been following along my friend Lindsay’s blog (Pursuit of Pink) for a little while now, as you may remember from the couple of times she’s appeared in my Link Love editions.  Admittedly, one of my favorite posts that she participates in each week is this little number called High Five for Friday.  It’s a simple post with five of her favorite moments from the past week.  It’s always so much fun to read that I decided to take a stab at creating one myself – plus I just really needed to find a way to incorporate this picture of my dog into one of my posts.  Hey – it’s a win/win?!

1. I finally made it back to my crossfit gym this past week.  Boy, am I out of shape (that is a different story).  For now, I was happy that going back to the gym also gave me an excuse to swing by my favorite smoothie shop!

2. This bad boy came in the mail the other day.  I’ve been working on finding / applying for some freelance opportunities, and I’m hoping that Yahoo’s Style Guide will help me brush up on my SEO / online writing skills.

3. This is what we’ve all been waiting for!  Kina had a little face-time action, the other day, with her cousin, Buster!

4. My cousin sent me this heartwarming video of a commercial in Thailand.  I didn’t even realize it was an advertisement until the last second.  So touching! It very closely relates to 31 Random Acts, don’t ya think?

5. I grabbed dinner this week with my friend, Melissa.  I totally forgot to snap a picture with her, but here’s where we went!

*How was your week?

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A Friday Treat, Confession & a GIVEAWAY Winner!!

A Friday treat!  Short and sweet style.  For my random act of kindness today, I brought in Reese’s (my favorite candy) for my coworkers!  Woop!  This completed #27 Do something for a coworker.

photo (86)

In other news, Spartan Race wanted me to update you on a date change for the viewing of the Spartan Beast World Championship race.  It is now on DECEMBER 7th!!  If you have plans this weekend – fret not – because you can now rock on with your bad self and keep your plans!!


Also, can I confess something to you?  Sometimes I turn up I Knew You Were Trouble When you Walked In, I’m Feeling 22, and Everything has Changed and act like Taylor Swift is not the person singing the song.  She kind of annoys me as a person, but those songs do not annoy me.  In fact, I like them.  Am I alone?  On an island?

Now… on to the GIVEAWAY WINNER!  The randomly selected winner is entry #114.  Congrats, Miriam!!  I will be sending you an email shortly about the free entry to a Spartan Race!  Thank you everyone for participating :)


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