31 Random Acts – Kickoff!

Hey y’all!  It’s October 1st – otherwise known as the first day of 31 random acts!  If you are just tuning in, this is the second year that I am hosting a challenge, to myself and others, to conduct 31 random acts in 31 days.  The project was born out of the 31 days series hosted by The Nester, and consisting of thousands of bloggers writing about one topic for 31 days straight.  This year, we even have our own website!

To kickoff my random acts, today I purchased some chocolates from a local chocolate shop, packaged them up and hung them on my neighbors’ doors!

This is what they looked like after purchasing.

Here’s them all bundled up!


And, hanging on a door!

This completed #18 – Leave your neighbor a sweet treat - on my list of random acts for the month.  I would love for you to join in, and also perform a random act of kindness this month – or all 31!  If you want some ideas for various acts, check out the infographic or my how-to post.  We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter handle.  And, if you’re reading this on a late date in October… jump right in; it’s never too late to join!

If you are wondering, there is only one rule about participating, which is to please tell someone about 31 random acts!  As I said in my original post last year, if you can get even one additional person to perform a random act in October, you will double your impact on the world!

I will be sharing my random acts on the blog, Facebook and Twitter in the hopes of inspiring others. I would love for your to share yours with us as well.  I hope that you will be tuning or joining in :)

High Five for Friday

*Truth be told – this post was supposed to go out this morning.  Got to love technology issues!*

Woop! Another Friday in the books!  I’m going to be honest – not much has been happening lately over in this neck of the woods.  So, today’s post is a bit of a mash up between exciting events and link love for some awesome bloggers’ posts these past few days.  I hope that you’re having a great week wherever you are! :)

1. My cousin applied for a job in Charleston, SC a couple weeks ago. After a few interviews, she got the job!!! I always hear how difficult it is to apply for jobs in another state so I am super impressed and happy for her!! And, so are a lot of other people on Facebook. Haha.

2. Guys – this is kind of weird. Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line are coming to the Nationals stadium in a couple of weeks. I’ve actually known about this concert for a long time, but originally decided, for various reasons, not to buy tickets. Well, I’ve been waking up with dreams this week that I’m going to the concert!! I think God is trying to tell me something… So, I naturally bought tickets today for the show.

Why We Mother @ Hello Neverland

3. I really enjoyed Kenzie’s post on motherhood over at Hello Neverland this week.  As a mother of a two-week old, she discusses her struggles with raising a newborn child and her associated feelings regarding self-pity.  Even though I’m not a mother, I easily related to her emotions regarding self-reflection and faith.

How We Survive without Cable @ A Beautiful Exchange

4. Ever since I gave up cable, I’ve been intrigued by other families’ stories of how they cut the cable lines.  Hayley over at A Beautiful Exchange writes an awesome post on all the resources her family uses instead of watching cable.  Have you ever thought of giving it up?

5. I celebrated my friends wedding this weekend, and also met my other friend’s baby. She is the most chill child ever!

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth