7 Lessons Learned from a Golf Caddy…

Nearly every year, for the past decade or so, my family gathers together for Labor Day weekend.  It is a bit of a family reunion, if you will.

Several years ago, we initiated a golf scramble as part of our reunion festivities.  Even though people’s golfing skill-sets widely varied, the event tended to work out and was fondly known as a success within our family.  The success might specifically be attributed to the fairness of the teams, especially since we respectfully ranked (think A,B,C,D) our family members based on golfing ability.  No big deal, or anything.

A typical team might consist of the following:

A: My Uncle – The Scratch Golfer

B: My Brother – The High School Golfer

C: My Mother – The Part Time Golfer

D: Caitlin – No Explanation Required (think Ms. Inconsistent)

We usually have around four teams, which creates a healthy rivalry among my family members.  This year, however, as I pulled into my parents’ Ohio driveway, I quickly realized we were in for a different type of competition.  My cousin was caught between a wedding and a concert in Indiana.  My uncle had to work.  Something came up with my other uncle last-minute.

Fret not, we scrambled to assemble a team (and a half?) and continued on with the golfing tradition.  For some perspective, our team, this year, consisted of the following team members:

A: My Dad (The Hobby Golfer)

B: My Brother (more on that later) / My Aunt (The Women’s League Golfer)

C: My Mother (The Part Time Golfer)

D: Caitlin & Her Sister (The Golfing Version of Dumb & Dumber)

That was mean.  My sister rocked out her golf swing and putted like a champion!  No sarcasm there; she did awesome!  I, however, stubbornly insisted on driving the cart and avoiding clubs at all costs.  During the 9 holes, we finally agreed on a 2 for 1 switch-off, which means I played a total of 3 holes.  I had one good shot the whole time.  FYI.

Most importantly, while I was playing caddy, I picked up on a couple of lessons learned for y’all.


Lesson Learned #1: Don’t play golf hungover

If you look closely in the picture above,  you will, in fact, see that my brother is hungover.  See those drooping eyes and the too-quick-to-be-cheesy smile?  Hungover written all over it.  He played one of his most mediocre games of the season.  Le sigh.


Lesson Learned #2: When in doubt, keep driving

When a couple of ducklings pass through the course, do not hit brake.  I repeat, do not tap on that brake.

Lesson Learned #3:  Buy the 2 for $5 Tall Bud Lights.

Dear Ohio, I love you?  And your cheap prices. xoxo.

Lesson Learned #4: Play behind the guy in the orange shirt

You’ll have something to aim at!!!

Lesson Learned #5: Take sweet pictures of landscapes and your sister!


Lesson Learned #6: Take silly pictures

being weird


Lesson Learned #7: Look the part!