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I’m currently taking applications for my full time job so that I can write on my blog consistently.  Any takers?  No?

On a more serious note… I wish that I had something a little more fruitful for you today, but I wanted to stop in and  let y’all know that I will be hosting the 31 random acts again this October.  Last year, 10 people participated in the October challenge and we completed 82 different acts of kindness.  It was one of my favorite events of the entire year – leaving me warmhearted and full of grace as I entered the holiday season.  This year, I want you to join me.

Can we double our number of random acts??


If you are a blogger, I would love to work with you to promote 31 random acts!  I’m open to guest blogging on your blog or providing information for your own post!  Email me at

A Small Gesture with a Big Impact

Heyyo – My life has been crazy lately and I missed a couple of days of random acts (by the way – did you enter to win a free entry to a Spartan Race??!) I’m sorry for the delay on the random acts and  I will make up for them soon.  Props to those who are going strong! I’m dropping in here shortly to give you all some information that is bound to have a big impact on someone. I met representatives from Mohawk Flooring back when I attended that blogger conference in July and didn’t know what I was doing.  They reached out to me recently about something they’re doing that gives back… in a big way.

We’ve all known someone who has gone through breast cancer and we know that the process is extremely trying. Mohawk Flooring wants to give a Breast Cancer Survivor a Dream Room Makeover. Somewhere they can come home to and feel a bit of an escape. They’re asking people to nominate a Breast Cancer survivor that he/she thinks should win a dream room makeover by submitting a :60 video and sharing their story.


^i had to go way back in the archives to find this picture of my grandma!

My grandmother survived breast cancer (and a number of strokes), but is currently living in a nursing home.  So, I wanted to make sure I promoted Mohawk Flooring’s act of kindness and give you all an opportunity to nominate someone.  To do so, please visit their facebook page to find information for submitting the video and feel free to spread the word on your own facebook / twitter accounts.

This is –> #18 Perform a small gesture that will have a big impact on someone.

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A Small Gesture with a Big Impact: this is day eight.

Have you read about 31 days and/or visited other bloggers’ series?

Other 31 Random Acts conducted (that I know about!):

  • Erica volunteered and cheered for folks at the Chicago Marathon and paced a friend
  • My sister wrote a note to someone who inspires her (she is doing this every day in October)
  • My mom picked up litter in a different community than her own!
  • The Kitch Witch cooked and delivered meals to those impacted by the floods in Colorado

Thank you for your RAK love!

Are you performing a random act today?