10 Things that Make Me Blush

Prompt #2: List of ten things that will make you blush.
The most innocent form

stems from his initial glance

Eyes contacting; forever locking

Lust with the frolicking hint of something more


Perhaps the most piercing

is the one of least resistance

A kind of indifference

from a treasured heart I love


The embarrassing rings me to laughter

A missed step; a joke mistold 

Fleeting out of body visions

of past missed episodes


I redden with the sweaty defeat

of lost dreams

Continuously grasping for higher ground

while sinking six feet underneath


Yet – Grateful life

make me a wife

and happiness my groom!

Twist my lips upwards with joy

for rose glistens my cheeks


Give me wind in my face

Laces tightly bound

The thrill of the run

pounding soft pavement sounds


Light me on fire

with his brush

Catch my breath

within suffocating love


Harbor loud aches for the silent 

Palms ready for coin

Secret stories buried

within worthy souls


Cringe with my shame

Leave me

with only me

the only one to blame


Touch my heart

ask it to open not shut

For millions; any day

but for the closest ones

I close up



^^blushing ;)

*p.s. April is National Poetry Month so this just felt right… ?!

Friday Link Love & A Surprise!



It’s February 1st!  Crazy how time flies.

The month of February always reminds me of Valentine’s Day – how could it not?!  For those of you who are either dreading the 14th or can’t wait, I’ve got some treats for you today.

As opposed to sharing any love story of mine, I’ve gathered up some link LOVE to some great posts out in the interwebs this week.  They’ve reminded me that love exists in all aspects of life.

–Read this post all the way to the end for MY SURPRISE and please don’t miss my post next week about How Rap Music Makes Me A Better Person… totally romantic, right?!) ;) —

Going Red & Pink @ Nesting Place

Of course, I love the Nester and I take part in many of her blogging events (Christmas Tour of Homes, 31 Days, etc.)  Today, I’m happy – as always – to see her reminding us that decorating for the holidays can really be this simple.

28 Days of Love (RAK) @ Sarah & Derek

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 28 Days of Love (Random Acts of Kindness) that Sarah plans on acting out during the month of February.  It’s one of the sweetest posts I’ve seen in a while plus… drumroll… she blogs from Cleveland!  Awesome!

Romantic Dinner for Two @ Julip Made

A great reminder that a great date night is cooking a meal together for two.  These recipes look divine, Julie’s blog is super cute and I was happy to learn that she blogs from D.C.!

Operation Beautiful @ Whispering Sweet Nothings

Ever felt lousy about the way you look or feel about yourself?  This is an awesome post about the little things that make women feel beautiful.  I loved reading all the women’s reflective stories.

FINALLY – The Big Surprise – I’M MEETING BLOGGERS IN REAL LIFE TOMORROW.  How freaking cool is that?!  It’s a NoVA Bloggers meetup and if you live in Virginia and want to join, please contact The Chronicles of Chaos.  We have a LOGO!!  And they want me to use a hashtag… I don’t even freaking know how to use one, but I’m pumped to try.  Hopefully, my tweeting sister can help and my brother knows how to favorite tweets (?)  Thanks god for them!  LOOK AT OUR LOGO BELOW!