Hi, guys.  I’m not sure where this one came from.  Let’s just go with it?  And, I promise this is not turning into a poetry blog.  eeeeeeeeee!


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One day
moments past your bitter phone call
I sat twiddling a stick in the midst of the tallest trees
that I’d ever seen.

I sat thinking of the better days
when life was a sweet ride
and you were all that I ever needed.
The better days
before the mess of our relations
destroyed my sheer existence;
before the late nights kept me up to no end
wondering when you’d come home.
The better days before I was the one to blame
for every unnecessary pill that you ever took.

It was hard to find better
after our love was cut short
after you decided that you’d given up
even after you called to say that
maybe you would give this one more try.

But baby; now I’m in these woods.
I’m with the twiddled stick in the middle of the tallest trees
that I’ve ever seen
and I decided that the best possible thing
to do without you
would be to walk for miles into this forest
and shed all the clothes that you ever gave me.
I decided to bare myself against this barren earth
and discover if sunlight and bird chirps and sweet melodies of animalistic life
still exist without our love.

In the middle of this hike
I tripped, and fell
into the deepest cavern that I’ve ever seen
where darkness fears light so much
it won’t even let a single speck come in.
I tripped thinking about your last attempt;
how you promised to give it your best shot
and what that might be like.

But baby, would you traverse down this ravine to come sit with me?
Would you listen to every pitter patter of the rain drops
as they drip off every swollen crack?
Would you hold my naked body in your arms and sing me soothing lullabyes
while across this cavernous room
crows circle my decaying heart?

Because I would bet every dollar to my name
every dollar I could ever find
that the more likely scenario
is that I will muster every morsel within these fragile limbs
I will harbor every ounce of water that ever falls into this abyss
so that I can climb
the three-thousand, five-hundred and twenty-six steps out of this hell hole
to the safety of another world.

Another world where weeks later
I will walk past you on the street
while wearing your favorite sundress
with a wry smile on my face
and a mysterious look in my eyes
which will inquisitively send you
the visible whispers of my soul;
murmurs that will undoubtedly say
that my life is better
so much better
without you in it.



10 Things that Make Me Blush

Prompt #2: List of ten things that will make you blush.
The most innocent form

stems from his initial glance

Eyes contacting; forever locking

Lust with the frolicking hint of something more


Perhaps the most piercing

is the one of least resistance

A kind of indifference

from a treasured heart I love


The embarrassing rings me to laughter

A missed step; a joke mistold 

Fleeting out of body visions

of past missed episodes


I redden with the sweaty defeat

of lost dreams

Continuously grasping for higher ground

while sinking six feet underneath


Yet – Grateful life

make me a wife

and happiness my groom!

Twist my lips upwards with joy

for rose glistens my cheeks


Give me wind in my face

Laces tightly bound

The thrill of the run

pounding soft pavement sounds


Light me on fire

with his brush

Catch my breath

within suffocating love


Harbor loud aches for the silent 

Palms ready for coin

Secret stories buried

within worthy souls


Cringe with my shame

Leave me

with only me

the only one to blame


Touch my heart

ask it to open not shut

For millions; any day

but for the closest ones

I close up



^^blushing ;)

*p.s. April is National Poetry Month so this just felt right… ?!