8 Things I Learned in July

Oops!  I’ve been gone from this blog for a little while.  But, hey, at least I am back with good news??  That’s right, folks.  I’m in the middle of birthday week!  It’s only the most fabulous week of the entire year – of which, I jam the most celebrations humanely possible into 7+ days  before laying dormant for the remaining 51 weeks.

The bad news is that I don’t have much to say today.  But, I figured I should pop on over here and get some of the writing cobwebs out before I go absolutely nuts-o’s from pent up word frustration.  Therefore, I decided it was a good time to link up with Emily’s Things I Learned post, especially since she is also returning from a little writing vacation.

In July, I learned that:

1.  There is this weird eclectic festival held in the Midwest each year where people camp out for four days, don face paint, opt for frequent nudity and ‘bond like family’ often with alcohol and drug paraphernalia in hand.  I’m not sure why I find this so fascinating to learn about besides confirming that there really is another person out there for everyone.

Source: The Daily Beast

2. Garth Brooks has (had?) an alter ego by the name of Chris Gaines, which was conceptualized as a creative outlet for Garth’s rock and roll side.  Nothing ever came of Gaines, but I find the whole thing and Garth’s disguise a little creepy.

3. Not writing for almost two weeks makes you question if you will ever write again.  Like, is this just writer’s block or am I losing it?  Let’s hope it’s the former!

4.The  Omnivore’s Dilemma is really long and intense.  I am liking it a lot, but I am definitely going to miss the end of July due date, folks!

5. Flowers from a boy are very nice :)

6. Even though 75 degrees used to scream summer when I lived in Cleveland, it now feels like fall weather to me.

7. After non-intentionally avoiding beef for six weeks, I become sick from eating it.  Awesome.  Another food item to cross off the ‘I can eat that’ list. 

8. Seasonal artists  in France went on a nude strike this month to fight for improved pay and insurance benefits. This article reports on the “ballsiness” of the demonstrators.  I find the word usage downright hilarious.  Mais Monsieur, what will we ever do without our artistes?!


Hola y’all! I’ve been working on a longerish post this week and it’s just not ready for prime time yet. I guess that’s what happens when you do this whole blogging thing part time. Le sigh.

Anyways, the good news is that sometimes I write random things that never make it to this here blog. So, I dug one up for you today. They say deep emotions can create some pretty interesting writing….


Compare me to a honeysuckle
A lollipop, sugary pucker
A sweet ending to a life undiscovered

Compare me to a shiny thing
The one in between
Your first true love
And the one wearing your ring

Shake me up
Go ahead and
Pour me on the rum
That you sip on
When you want some

Tell me
What happens when you mix sweet and salty?
Briny? Sour?
The escaping light from the darkest hour?
What happens when you mix discombobulated shit
that don’t work together?

The sweet always come on fast
The first to crush, the first to cast
Too easy to pass up
But never enough
To make it last

The sweet always think to change
Become deranged, find a new name
But then I remember
that the sweetest things
can leave the bitterest forever.