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I was lucky enough to receive an early invite to GlamST, which is a fun new website designed to allow users (like you!) test out new makeup products.  This sounds like an odd concept, until you log into their site and check out their awesomeness.  I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and fun it was to use this site, and test new products.  I’ve even found a few items that I’d be interested in buying!

Once you join GlamST (for free!), the first step is to create a profile by choosing your eye color, hair color, skin type and skin tone.  Preferably, you can upload a photo of yourself, although there are some parameters to doing so.  The photo must be 400×500 and primarily of your face.  If GlamST becomes a vital tool in your beauty toolkit (which why wouldn’t it?!), I recommend having someone take a photo of you in natural light, and uploading it.

Since I didn’t have a blown up picture of my face, I proceeded with one of the model head shots.  We look kinda similar… amIright?!  The first thing that I noticed are the different categories of beauty products – Face, Eyes & Lips – and all the easy ways to navigate to the products.


Next, I obviously tried out the Stila Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner.  I’ve never owned liquid eyeliner, primarily because it scares me and I have no idea how to apply it to my eyes.  What if I apply it inappropriately – and attract a ton of attractive, successful and funny male suitors?  I mean.. what would I do then??!  But, seriously, I was hooked on GlamST after this first product test.  Not only did they teach me how to use liquid eye liner appropriately, but that girl (my pseudo face) looks dang hot.  I need this ASAP.

Then, I tested out some airspray foundations – cool concept I’ve heard of before, but never bought for myself.   I think the Dior product is a little pricey for me, but I liked that I was able to test out which shade is best for my skin tone (or at least my model’s) ;) Note the differences in the top and bottom pics!

 A fun pick was this beige lipstick by Dior.  I’ve been seeing beige in all the mags (magazines, duh) lately, and thought it might look good.

 Finally, I added a touch of mascara and voila! My pseudo face is all ready for a night on the town.  Meow!

 Also important to note that each of the products come with full descriptions and how the product can be used!

And you can even save each of your looks!

How awesome is GlamST?!!  Have you ever used any of these products?  I’m seriously contemplating the eyeliner and the mascara.  Go check em out!

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