Day 24: My Favorite Things (with actual things this year!)

If you were around here last year, you might remember how I posted an article on my favorite things and then didn’t actually include any material item at all.  Gasp!  What a hoe, I know.

I’m sure there’s a weakness in there somewhere like about how I’m lazy, indecisive or a little self-righteous sometimes (or maybe all 3!), but never fret because this year I actually used my brain and came up with some stuff for you!!

Without further ado, here are my favorite things… (for right now!)


1. Essential Oils – <$10 @ Whole Foods

Any kind!  I’ve kinda become a weird, obsessed freak about goggling all the uses of essential oils.  I never knew there were so many!  My favorite right now is lavender.  I’ve made a natural organic hair detangler with it and plan on making a homemade cleaner soon.

etsy knee socks

2. SOCKS! – 2 for $20! @ Urban Outfitters

I paid a ridiculous amount for these on Etsy.  But, the trend of the season is not hard to come by.  Urban Outfitters has a boatload of colors and styles.  Get your sock on girllll.


3. “You gotta have style.  It helps you get up in the morning.” – Diana Vreeland Case Mate iPhone case -$35 @ AT&T

When I saw this iPhone case in the AT&T store a couple of months ago, I just had to have it!    FABULOUS.


4. Baggy Sweaters – $44 + 25% off!!! @ Francesca’s

Did I just say baggy?  Woopsies. Never mind that.  But, seriously the sweater that I got from Francesca’s is sooooo comfy plus he likes it too so I gots all my bases covered.  I couldn’t find the same exact sweater that I bought, but it’s kinda like the one in the photo above except the sleeves are longer and the stripes are white and blue… totally the same.  They are having a 25% off sale until December 19th!  Go there now.


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*What thing are you loving right now??

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