A Friday Treat, Confession & a GIVEAWAY Winner!!

A Friday treat!  Short and sweet style.  For my random act of kindness today, I brought in Reese’s (my favorite candy) for my coworkers!  Woop!  This completed #27 Do something for a coworker.

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In other news, Spartan Race wanted me to update you on a date change for the viewing of the Spartan Beast World Championship race.  It is now on DECEMBER 7th!!  If you have plans this weekend – fret not – because you can now rock on with your bad self and keep your plans!!


Also, can I confess something to you?  Sometimes I turn up I Knew You Were Trouble When you Walked In, I’m Feeling 22, and Everything has Changed and act like Taylor Swift is not the person singing the song.  She kind of annoys me as a person, but those songs do not annoy me.  In fact, I like them.  Am I alone?  On an island?

Now… on to the GIVEAWAY WINNER!  The randomly selected winner is entry #114.  Congrats, Miriam!!  I will be sending you an email shortly about the free entry to a Spartan Race!  Thank you everyone for participating :)


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Inspiration for Running Obstacle Courses – Plus Win a FREE ENTRY to any Spartan Race!

The other day, while I was participating in the Ragnar Relay, I was texting my mother about the race.  We were talking about a number of things – primarily how I was trying to stay awake – but one message was clear: I thought that she could run in the race some time!  I think that a lot of people from my mom’s generation shy away from races like Ragnar Relay, specifically all the extreme obstacle course runs.  They hear people mention 12-foot-walls, barbed wire and fire pits, and think that we are crazy for wanting to pay money to do something so extreme.  Why on Earth would someone intentionally put themselves in dangerous situations just for fun?

Here is why I think you should sign up for one of these races.

Push yourself to try something new

How does the saying go?  “Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.”  Instead of asking yourself, ‘why would I ever run one of these races?’  Ask yourself, why not?

Extreme races, like obstacle course runs, introduce new challenges into your life and opportunities you won’t find by doing anything else.  It’s a great way to mix things up if you’re in a rut or if you’re looking for an experience beyond the traditional 5K/10K/10-mile feats.

Restore your faith in humanity

This might sound strange to those who have not done one of these races, but every time I run one, the sense of community and personal compassion out on the course overwhelms me. You are not running these races alone!  A number of people are helping you on the course either mentally through verbal encouragement or physically by pushing you over a wall, pulling you through mud and crawling with you under wire.  Some great bonding opportunities!

Test your athleticism

I think one of the most obvious reasons people compete in obstacle course races is to test their athletic abilities.  For runners, the course tests their ability to handle challenges beyond the open road.  For my fellow Crossfitters, in our quest to become the fittest on Earth, it’s critical for us to test our athleticism outside ‘the box.’  You may rock out deadlifts, box jumps, and your gym’s 400m dash, but when you put yourself into questionable terrain and odd obstacles, new weaknesses could emerge.

Are you still unsure?

Check out the World Championship Spartan Race, which will air on NBC Sports this Saturday October 19th.  It is the championship so bound to be intense so if you are a newbie to the obstacle course runs, you can at least get a sneak peek into some of the things you can anticipate from the race.

**Did someone mention a Giveaway??!**

Ah yes, I did!

You can win a FREE ENTRY any open heat in any 2013-2104 Spartan Race in the continental US, courtesy of Reebok Spartan Race!!!  Or, you can click this link to receive 15% off any race entry fee.

All you have to do is (1) comment on this post below with a reason for why you work out or what you love about working out.


(2) You can win 5 EXTRA entries to the giveaway (quintuple your chances of winning!!) by tweeting about the giveaway.  Include me in your tweet (@crossroadsheart) and USE THE HASHTAG #SpartanRace.

(3) You can win 5 EXTRA entries by liking my new facebook page!

I will choose one winner, right here on my blog, on Friday October 18th at 8:00AM.  You have, until then, to enter!  

*For those following along, 31 Random Acts will start back up again tomorrow.